Digital Identity Verification - Benefitting Healthcare Industry

Healthcare institutions are meant to provide relief to the patients, but there are some managerial lags due to which patients still face difficulties. Looking at the feedbacks of the patients and their experiences, it depicts that the process is overloaded with redundant forms and requests which are previously saved within their system. Healthcare institutions need to have an intelligent solution that can uplift the patient's experience.

Identity verification solution not only helps patients find ease while checking in, in fact, it also reduces the labor cost and minimizes the time usually spent on filling multiple forms. There are some ways through which identity verification solution can help healthcare industry to improve the patient's experience.

Automating patient’s data collection

There are a lot of healthcare institutes where patients have to wait in long ques to get their data report but, by scanning their ID card or Driving License at the front desk, the doctor can pull up the details of the patient and the past health record already saved within the system. With the digital identity verification of the patient, it becomes time-saving for all the parties involved.

There will be a major decrease in the labor cost as well because the patient’s credentials will be digitally verified and hence, increases the overall productivity of the management.

Preventing frauds by protecting patients

It is essential for the healthcare industry to keep its slate clean and avoid fraudulent claims to maintain a healthy reputation. If a patient's information is compromised within the healthcare center, it can tarnish the reputation of the business right away. By verifying the patient's identity at the front desk, it becomes sure that the patient's record is accurate and is not mixed up with any other patient. Patients get a mental relief as soon as they know that their information is already saved within the hospital's or clinic's system.

Mobilizing the patient’s experience

Fewer people means less trouble! It is simple! There will be no one running around the corridors of the hospital to get patient's details because digital verification of their ID cards would let the doctor recall the complete details which result in improved quality of their care. It also allows the doctor to interact with the patient more proactively. By verifying the patient's identity in just a few seconds mobilizes the complete process which enhances the patient's experience.

Enabling other modes of check-ins

Digital verification of patient's identity opens up many other ways for the patient to schedule his/her appointment with the doctor. This is one of the other ways that cuts down the labor cost. This kind of self-service at hospitals makes the registration process easier while verifying the patient's identity. The patient experience would be enhanced and improvised as it reduces the time for check-in.

There is still a lot to be adopted by the healthcare industry in terms of digital technology, but with the use of digital identity verification, a lot of tasks can be streamlined.