Enhancing the travel experience through digital identity verification

There were rumors that transport industry is going to face a lot of identity theft concerns in the coming years and it happened as well. In the auto industry, besides customer's satisfaction and loyalty, security and asset production is of utmost importance. There has been a massive increase since 2013 in identity theft cases within the auto industry. Transport and travel industry has never been secure in the real world, and they are now in need of such a solution that can help reduce the identity theft ratio.

Considering the increased number of frauds in this industry, a quick and seamless digital verification solution must be incorporated into their models. Moreover, the transportation industry has a high-level risk of identity frauds because of old fashioned techniques being used for verifying customer's passport and ID card. This is one of the reasons why auto industry faces more security issues and less credibility within their services. To minimize it efficiently, a digital verification solution would be an ideal option to address this issue.

How is digital verification going to be beneficial?

With the help of digital verification, long queues on airports and railway platforms can be significantly reduced that results in better productivity. Digital verification of legal documents like ID card and Passport can help airports and railways verify by real-time scanning while digitally identifying their identity. There would be less hassle on the airports and railway platforms if users will be able to digitally verify their passport or ID card. Secondly, the probability of identity fraud will be much reduced due to the use of an intelligent solution that can digitally verify the document.

The applications of digital verification are not only restricted to secure the identity theft for airports and railways, but also for renting and buying purposes of automobiles. For example, to rent a car, one can digitally identify the ID card over the smartphone and enjoy the ride. On the other hand, the renting car company would know about the customer’s identity as well. So, it is a win-win situation for both, user and service provider. A user gets satisfied with the quick and easy process whereas the company secures its operations while gaining customer’s loyalty at the same time.

This whole process of identifying a customer's document digitally develops a sense of security and adds more value to the service being used. The automotive industry has been desperate since past few years due to which a lot of efforts are being made to overcome these sort of issues. However, the digital verification of documents at airports and railways would make a huge difference by replacing the stereotype ways of identifying manually. Digital verification of documents not only reduces the time but also increases the accuracy of the verification process. This sort of change within the auto industry would revolutionize the whole world while retaining customer's satisfaction loyalty. Digital verification is going to be the future of the whole world due to its advanced applications in various industries.