State-of-the-art Face Verification

Seamless and fully-automated global onboarding powered by advanced AI Face Recognition models, with a multitude of fraud detection tools.

  • Results in seconds
  • Account cloning detection
  • 5sec selfie verification
  • Impersonation attack detection
  • An unmatched user experience
  • Facial liveness detection
  • 99% accuracy
  • 1M+ faces verified monthly

Accelerating Facial Verification with compliance assurance

Face Verification in Less than

5 sec 

Verification accuracy upto


Clone Detection Rate upto


Protection against Spoof attacks



Face verification in 4 simple steps:



End-user uploads a photo of government-issued identity document



End-user takes a live selfie using mobile or webcam



Shufti Pro matches the user’s selfie with the photo on ID document



Verification results are delivered and proof is stored in back-office


Shufti Pro’s simple, yet powerful, AI-assisted face verification solution encompasses a multitude of advanced fraud prevention tools to ensure robust fraud prevention and seamless onboarding.

Special Note

3D Depth Analysis

To detect any photographic data used for possible spoof attacks.

Vehicle Documentation

Microexpression Analysis

To analyze human expression such as blinking, and smiling for liveness detection.

Vehicles License Plate Number

Liveness Detection

To capture live biometric data for accurate face matching.

Ownership of an Item

AI Mapping

To accurately match human face AI-mapping techniques.

How does shufti pro's face recognition work?



Step-up authentication game for account logins with face identification as a secondary authentication factor and prevent unauthorised access and account takeover fraud.


Self Check-Ins

Say good-bye to passwords and KBAs. Shufti Pro advanced face authentication technology swiftly verifies users and unlocks their digital identities.



Authenticate transactions though live selfie if the user before processing the payment. Avoid card-not-present (CNP) and chargeback fraud with face identification.


Why Choose Shufti Pro's AI Face Recognition Technology?

Special Note

Secure & reliable account registration, access, onboarding & verification

Vehicle Documentation

Real-time verification for results in seconds

Vehicles License Plate Number

Successfully combat identity fraud

Vehicles License Plate Number

3D depth, skin texture and microexpression analysis

Ownership of an Item

Liveness detection & AI mapping for robust verification

Bank statements

A strong line of defense against credential stuffing

Credit card statements

Easy selfie verification with support for 10,000+ IDs

Utility bills

Reduced drop-offs

Vehicles License Plate Number

An enhanced user experience for elevated customer satisfaction

Residence permits

Globally compliant face verification

Insurance statements

Truly global coverage across 240+ countries & territories

Tax documents

Multilingual capabilities with support for 150+ languages

Payroll statements

Powerful AI & ML algorithms to for enhanced face verification services

Vehicles License Plate Number

A fully-automated solution to eliminate the risk of human error

Residence certificates

Increase conversion rates

Tailored Approach Tailored Approach

Ready to go passwordless for optimum performance and security?

AI-powered Facial

Did you know 80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords?

Elevate your onboarding process now with Shufti Pro’s Face Verification Solution. Enhance security with facial verification to combat reverse engineering, account takeover, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks. Bypass passwords for advanced access management.

  • 100% automated verification
  • Flexible integration options
  • Boost conversion rate up to 80%
  • AI-powered spoof attack protection
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Tailored Approach

Face Verification Integration: Seamless, Secure, & Swift

Take the next step in digital identity verification. With our face verification integration, you're not only embracing technology but a promise of excellence, efficiency, and exceptional security.

Our face verification integration promises:

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  • Robust Security Protocols
  • Dedicated Support
  • Flexible Integration Options
  • Cross-platform Support

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Seamless API Integration

Get up and running swiftly by leveraging a wide range of readily available integration options.

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