Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShuftiPro?

ShuftiPro is a digital identity verification application that has been designed to verify user’s legal documents.

Which documents can ShuftiPro verify?

ShuftiPro can verify four types of documents which include ID card, Credit/Debit card, Passport, and Driving License.

How many steps are there to verify a document?

All types of documents require four steps to complete the verification process.

How much time does it usually take to verify a document?

It usually takes 30-40 seconds to verify a document.

How accurately does ShuftiPro verifies a document?

With the use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and human DEOs, ShuftiPro verifies a document with 99% accuracy.

Is there a trial version available to test ShuftiPro?

Yes, a free trial version is available to test ShuftiPro.

Does ShuftiPro provides the verification result instantly?

Yes, if the user’s document verification request is verified/declined/pending, a quick response will be sent and user will be notified accordingly.

Can we verify a document by showing a still image of it?

No, ShuftiPro just verifies the documents in real time. A user must have the document in hard form.

Does ShuftiPro verifies the document even if we do not have a camera facility?

No, ShuftiPro cannot verify a document without having an access to a camera supported by your device.

How many countries does ShuftiPro support?

ShuftiPro supports more than 150 countries around the world to facilitate various industries with online digital verification.

How many languages does ShuftiPro support?

ShuftiPro supports 34 different languages that are widely used in major areas of the world.

What is the purpose of having a video stream of the verification process?

A complete video stream of the whole verification process helps you get a more detailed view in real time.

Is demo available for everyone or do we have to place a request?

Yes, there is a form available on the site through which you can place a request for a live demo of ShuftiPro.

What are the perks of becoming a partner of ShuftiPro?

Becoming a partner of ShuftiPro provides you an equal opportunity to accelerate your revenues. You can get more updates about the Partner Program by reaching our support team.

Is there a complete documentation available for ShuftiPro API?

Yes, the document containing the information about API and its working is available on the website.

What kinds of credit cards can ShuftiPro verify?

Any VISA/Master card is acceptable including American.

Is it necessary for a user to have a high speed internet connection for the verification?

It is not necessary, but for a quick and accurate verification, a high speed internet connection is required.

Does ShuftiPro provide free demo registration?

Yes, there is no fee for the registration of demo.

Does the verification process requires any information other than the document?

Yes, at the start of the verification process, user has to enter its contact number and name of the country.

How recurring transactions are beneficial for the user?

Recurring transactions just take 5 seconds by verifying the user through facial recognition.