Finance Industry

About Shufti pro

The need

  • To stimulate the KYC
  • To make quick transactions by digitally identifying the credit/debit card
  • To prevent money laundering
  • To avert terrorist financing
  • To reduce chargebacks
  • To allow easier recurring transactions

The solution

Keeping in view the competitive demands and changing regulations for financial institutions, there should be an efficient customer-centric process, especially for the identity verification. ShuftiPro will be a lot useful for the financial institutions because of its effective functionality to create an easy and quick interface for the user. ShuftiPro would be able to provide an ultimate experience to the banking industry for ‘knowing your customer’ in a much effective way. All the identity verification steps can be minimized through ShuftiPro integration which will not only save time but also prevents frauds and money laundering. The purpose of ShuftiPro in the finance industry is to provide a comprehensive identity verification solution through which various companies can meet the changing security regulations. ShuftiPro is one of those intelligent tools that can strengthen online and mobile banking. Financial institutions should integrate ShuftiPro in their infrastructure to provide mobile banking a quick and seamless user experience.

  • Enhances KYC experience through digital ID verification

    With ShuftiPro, financial institutions will be able to automate the data collection process by digitally verifying the identity of the customer.

  • Improves the user experience

    As ShuftiPro will do identity verification for the financial institutions, it will certainly improve the user experience due to highly secure and quick mode of identification.

  • Freedom of recurring transactions

    With the effective identity verification process and feature of verifying biometrically for the recurring transaction, ShuftiPro gives freedom to the customers to transact from anywhere around the world in a few seconds.