Gaming / Betting Industry

About Shufti pro

The need

  • To reduce the time at the Signup process
  • To validate the online transactions through digital verification of credit/debit cards
  • To avoid registrations of underage individuals
  • To comply with new KYC and AML regulations

The solution

The gaming industry has also evolved rapidly around the world of technology and has improved tremendously in terms of user experience in the past few years. Now, they can even make the gaming experience more professional by enhancing the registration process of users through digital identity verification. This will allow the gaming industry to digitally verify the transactions through identification of credit/debit cards that improves the gaming environment like never before! ShuftiPro can be integrated with gaming applications and websites that can verify the identity of online users instantly. Another major advantage of integrating ShuftiPro with the gaming application is to reduce the ‘Sign Up' time while online registration as it will provide user the access without any hassle.

  • Validating the online transactions

    ShuftiPro will allow the gaming industry to overcome the identity frauds while transacting online by digital verification of the credit/debit card of the actual account holder.

  • Meeting the KYC standards

    It will make sure that gaming industry is complying with the updated AML and KYC regulations.