Healthcare industry

About Shufti pro

The need

  • To enhance the check-in experience of the patients
  • To avoid manual data entry of the patients’ details
  • To intelligently pull up the medical record through digital identity verification
  • To make use of online prescription method by digitally identifying a patient

The solution

Health care is not behind on the list of industries acquiring innovative technology advancements into their infrastructures. To enhance the patient check-in experience, ShuftiPro can play a vital role by verifying your ID right there and then! Patients would not have to wait in long queues outside hospitals and clinics. Healthcare units can also reduce the labor cost by integrating ShuftiPro as it requires no manual work and saves a lot of time. The data collection of patients looks like an easy task, but it requires a lot of effort and attention.

  • Enhancing the patient experience

    ShuftiPro integration will enable the staff to concentrate more on the patient rather than filling up the check-in forms and doing other documentation.

  • Makes a cost effective environment

    As the information of patients would go directly into the Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) once ShuftiPro verifies the document, it will reduce the labor cost and increases the efficiency of the whole check-in process.