Hospitality Industry

About Shufti pro

The need

  • To enhance the check-in process of hotels and restaurants
  • To make online bookings more secure
  • To facilitate international guests with digital verification of their passports
  • To meet the regulatory requirements by identifying customer’s age, etc.
  • To improve the security standards by digitally verifying the customer’s identity

The solution

Hospitality and leisure industry in the whole world requires the highest degree of customer satisfaction. ShuftiPro is helpful for all such platforms that deal in customer service because it provides an efficient guest experience. Customers can easily pay online by verifying their credit card through ShuftiPro. Advance booking facility can be made more accurate and efficient by ID verification, and it will also help reduce the probability of frauds. Integration with ShuftiPro also makes it easier for the international guests to remotely check-in by getting their passport verified on the smartphone.

  • Makes process efficient

    ShuftiPro will make the complete guest experience efficient from start to finish by automating the process ID verification for check-in purposes or by allowing guests to pay online through their credit cards.

  • Provides remote access

    Guests can make online bookings by verifying their identity remotely through ShuftiPro on their smartphones.

  • Minimizes identity fraud

    Hotels and casinos can easily identify the age and other personal details of an individual once ShuftiPro is done with the verification process.