How it works

What makes Shufti Pro unique is its quick verification process. It only takes 30 seconds and every step of its verification process happens in real time. Documents like ID cards, Credit/Debit cards, driving license and/or passport are verified against the person who are using them right there and then.

User is asked to look into the camera. It's facial recognition system will focus on key facial features and take a snapshot.


User is asked to display a photo ID (Driving license, Passport etc.) or credit/debit card.


User is asked to bring the Document close to the camera. In case credit/debit card, the first 6 digits need to be in clear display for the process to continue. In case of passport or driving license, the name should be in clear display to the camera to proceed further.


User is asked to display the first 6-digits and last 4-digits of the credit/debit card and in case of driving license, ID card and/or passport, the user has to display the date of birth in clear view to the camera.