KYC - Know Your Customer

Instantly verify customer identity with advanced Behaviour based anti-spoofing detection.

  • Extensive Global reach of 230+ Countries
  • Efficient 2+2 verification approach
  • Multilingual OCR Extraction with 150+ languages
  • Synthetic identity fraud detection
  • Impenetrable facial authentication fortress
  • Intuitive No-Code Verification Journey Builder

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Flawless Onboarding

Verify and onboard every
legitimate customer

KYC verification

Enhanced Due Diligence

Go beyond basic verification
for comprehensive compliance
checks & risk assessments.

99% accuracy

KYC Journey Builder

No-Code Integration without complex development, saving time and resources.

230+ countries

Streamlined Verification

Achieve 99% accuracy with
10,000+ ID types, 150
languages, and 230+ countries

faster onboarding

Revolutionary KYC Solutions: Minimizing Drop-offs, Expanding Horizons & Maximizing Success

New KYC Features

New KYC Features

Shufti Pro continues to innovate and improve its KYC services for fraud prevention. We have just added:

  • Duplicate Account Detection
  • Drag and drop KYC Verification journey builder
  • Customisable iFrame colors and logos for branding
  • Flexibility to choose ID document formats to be accepted
  • Verification journey conveniently optimised with the least number of clicks and screens
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for employees to securely access multiple corporate channels
  • Data retention policy to meet data privacy regulations
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Face Verification

Face Verification

Combat identity thefts, impersonation attempts, and Facial spoofing attacks with 3D face recognition and liveness detection techniques.

  • Real-time Verification within seconds
  • Replay Spoofing Attacks detection
  • Skin texture Analysis
  • Presentation Attacks Detection
  • Duplicate Accounts Detection
  • Image distortion analysis
  • 3D depth detection
  • Combat Hybrid Face Attacks
  • 3D Mask Detection
  • Unveiling Hidden Identities
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ID Document Verification

ID Document Verification

Empower trust with our comprehensive ID document verification to obstruct identity spoofing.

  • Swift & Secure customer onboarding
  • Crumpled/Folded edges Detection
  • Counterfeit and Tampering Detection
  • Mitigate Morphing Attacks
  • Document Microprints Checking
  • Image Spoofing Detection
  • Handwritten & Digital Document Verification
  • Holograms/Rainbow prints verification
  • Glare or Reflection Manipulation
  • Efficiently process new ID Documents in less than 2 Days
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Address Verification

Address Verification

Formalize addresses via local and global databases to validate customer details and safeguard against potential fraud.

  • OCR-Driven Address Verification
  • Minimize Fraud and Chargebacks
  • Distance Locator
  • Precise Geolocation
  • Streamlined Property Validation
  • Standardized Address Formatting
  • Address Parsing/decomposition
  • Comprehensive Databases [USPS, Royal Mail, Canadian Post, and more]
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Video KYC

Video KYC

Seamlessly onboard remote customers via video call, leveraging human intelligence for secure identity verification.

  • Digital Identification
  • Borderless Identity Verification
  • Liveness Detection
  • On-going KYC with Experts
  • Imposter Attack Detection
  • Prevent Identity Cloning
  • Comply with video KYC regulations in Germany, India, Spain, Portugal, and other countries
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2 Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication

Robust security, to prevent fraudulent attacks through Mobile/Email 2-factor authentication.

  • Enhanced Security with a custom OTP message
  • Identity Assurance
  • Automated biometric fraud Safeguards
  • Cross-Environment Mobility
  • Credential stuffing attacks detection
  • Combat Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
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Facial Biometric Authentication

Facial Biometric Authentication

Streamlined enrollment and authentication with advanced biometric technology to prevent fraud.

  • Enhanced Sign-in Process
  • Swift Authentication via Selfie
  • 3D Facial Mapping
  • Intrinsic Facial Movement Detection
  • Behavioral biometric approach
  • Knowledge-based Authentication
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Journey Builder

No-Code Journey Builder

Discover the Ease of a code-free Verification Journey with Shufti Pro Journey Builder.

  • Personalize white-label solution
  • User-friendly Drag & Drop Interface
  • Code-free custom flow creation
  • Instant verification link generation
  • Real-time preview of the created journey  
  • Customisable verification journey
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In a digital economy businesses continuously face threats from data breaches, identity theft, account takeovers, as well as rigorous compliance requirements. Our Customer Onboarding and Identity Verification solutions address your needs with a single API to approve new customers and increase onboarding rates, while reducing chargebacks and deterring fraudsters

KYC/AML compliance

Read our KYC Guides to learn more about KYC/AML compliance and how Shufti Pro can help

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