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At Shufti Pro, we are building an identity management infrastructure to ensure maximum transparency and all an improved business routine. Our services are tailored to individual strategies or organization goals.


Remote Processes

Verify users’ credentials during high-risk transactions, e-payments and account openings.

Risk Mitigation

Avoid interference of at-risk Person(s) or AI hack bots with Shufti Pro’s Human Intelligence.

AML Compliance

Screen users against 3000+ Global Watch lists to combat money laundering and financial crimes.

Travel and Hospitality

Real Time Processes

Reserve air tickets and hotels in under 60 seconds via secured & automated payment verification.

Online Check-ins

Remove threat of identity scam by conducting step-by-step customer verification(s) for location confirmations.

Credit Protection

Secure remote credit/debit cards payments with Shufti Pro’s AI to combat illicit use of stolen cards.

Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Profile Authentication

Validate academic records before accepting e-services with Document Verification.

Establish Identity

Ensure physical presence of a person with Live Verification while remote hiring or onboarding.

Frictionless Experience

Avoid systematic barriers by guiding user through the process with instructions and voice assistant.


Prevent Chargeback

Access image and video Proofs of Verification in the event of a chargeback claim.

Easy Access

Integrate API or SDK seamlessly into web or mobile interface.

Secure Platform

Avoid illegal card acquisition with PAN masking and top security details on data banks.


Age Policy

Restrict minors against R-rated games, gambling and poker with Date of Birth Verification.

Block Cyber Crime

Deter criminals from accessing online gaming portals and pursuing illegal activity with AML Screening.

Automate System

Streamline processes with Shufti Pro’s easily integratable user verification medium.