Modes of Verification

Modes of Verification

Shufti Pro provides its customers with two different modes of identity verification. Each mode has its own benefits which suit the need of Shufti Pro customers differently based on their needs.

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On-site Verification

In on-site verification, Shufti Pro directly communicates with the end-users. End-user’s information is gathered in the online customer onboarding process. The end-user will give identity credentials or id documents to verify the identity. Shufti Pro provides the facility to their customers to tailor the identity verification services according to their needs. That specified data is then verified to ensure KYC and AML compliance.

  • Direct interaction with the end-user
  • Selfie to be uploaded by the end-user for face verification
  • Uploading documents for verification
  • Consent verification to our T&Cs
  • Address verification
  • Presence of phone am/webcam is a must
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Off-site Verification

In the off-site mode of verification, the end-user is not directly communicated with Shufti Pro. Instead, customers provide end-users’ data/ credentials for identity verification. The database is provided which contains the data of users. Shufti Pro verifies the users’ identity and ensures KYC and AML compliance.

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  • No direct interaction with end-user is required
  • Data received by pre-defined parameters
  • AML screening performed off-site
  • Data size limits (e.g. 16 MB max)