Shufti Pro



Shufti Pro is an Artificial & Human Intelligence hybrid that has harnessed the power of Machine Learning to provide top notch ID verification services.

Shufti Pro can easily detect

  • Photoshopped items
  • MRZ Codes
  • Holograms
  • Folded Picture Edges
  • Micro Expressions
  • Face Liveness
  • 3D Depth Perception
  • Cropped Image or Video
One-time Check

Artificial Intelligence

  • Ensures physical presence of person
  • Selfie comparison with document
  • Checks for authenticity of provided document
  • Checks all credentials mentioned on document
  • Flagging false positives with zero tolerance
One-time Check

Human Intelligence

  • Double checks verifications approved by AI
  • No impact on Processing time
  • Slightest doubt forwarded to HI
  • Static Image/Video Assessment
  • Applies logic to Assessment