Telco Industry

About Shufti pro

The need

  • To accelerate the account opening process
  • To digitally verify customer’s credit/debit card for online postpaid payments
  • To enhance the in-store customer experience by digitally verifying customer’s identity

The solution

One of the fastest growing industries in the world requires a tool that can ease their operations by verifying the customer’s identity over the smartphone or computer. ShuftiPro is the best option for telecommunication companies because it will allow them to focus more on their prepaid users. Prepaid customers will be able to order their SIM cards or can register themselves without presenting their ID physically. This will not only save time but also allows the users to get better customer service. Opening up new accounts and paying your phone bills remotely will become a lot easier with the use of ShuftiPro.

  • Offers seamless subscriber experience

    ShuftiPro will provide subscribers a quick and seamless service experience that completes risks involving tasks intelligently such as paying the phone bill online.

  • Enhancing the in-store customer experience

    By digitally verifying the customer’s identity, a telco provider can make a proactive and efficient environment for the in-store customers.