Transportation industry

About Shufti pro

The need

  • To make online bookings of flights by digital verification of credit/debit card
  • To digitally identify the passports or IDs of the travelers at airports and railways
  • To improve the online bookings of rented car by digitally verifying the driving license
  • To expedite the exit control process at airports and railways

The solution

Different platforms like airports and railways need to have a digital identification system which allows the users to book their tickets online by verifying passport or ID through ShuftiPro. There are a couple of other factors that make the use of ShuftiPro more important, especially at the time of buying or renting a vehicle for your use. A user can easily identify his/her identity over the smartphone to place a booking request. It also provides an extra layer of security to prevent auto theft.

  • Meeting the optimum security standards

    ShuftiPro fulfills the requirements of the transport industry by combating ID fraud for government installations and national border crossings by providing the digitally verified identity details to the Interpol and other agencies.

  • Makes the verification process faster

    It provides a quick and efficient verification process that just only takes few seconds while meeting the compliance requirements.

  • Enhancing user experience and loyalty

    ShuftiPro reduces the waiting time and errors to provide an engaging experience by making user interaction simpler and quick.