Two Fold Verification

Two-fold Technology

A combination of HI and AI
to ensure the highest level of accuracy

Moving Intelligently
Towards the Right Decision

At Shufti Pro, we view artificial intelligence in a supplementary role and have each transaction cross-checked by verification specialists. Suspicious IDs and documents are screened by machines to detect anomalies, but the final decision is not taken by the software itself. Human review is an absolutely vital part of the identification process.

Successfully Filling Gaps in
Automated Systems

  • Added security layer
  • Better technological investment
  • Improved decision making
  • Lower chance of lost conversions
  • Fewer manual reviews

How AI and HI Work Together

Data submitted to

User uploads photo or document for verification

computerised checks

Shufti Pro’s API screens the data for authenticity

Final Decision by
Identity Expert

Comprehensive review of images carried out in record time