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handwritten notes verification
KYC procedures were designed to provide useful customer information to businesses and companies selling services and products over cyberspace. As time passed, KYC regulations were...
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digital verification services
With the age of technological advancement, the world is becoming a heavily connected global village, requiring digital identity verification in all aspects. This article focuses...
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Cryptocurrencies are currently limited in use by virtual currency enthusiasts or by lottery bidders who are in to for the easy money , promised by...
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Payment and funds’ transfer has taken a more digital turn in recent years, with the onset of Cryptocurrency era. With the risened use of decentralized...
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AML Compliance
Smaller banks are being considered an easy target for money laundering activities because of their smaller base of operations and little to no regulatory oversight...
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Tax enforcement authorities from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States have have came together to form a Joint Chiefs of...
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aml compliance
Asian Banks are now asking their regional and national regulators to allow more fintech in order for them to cut down AML compliance costs. Recent...
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money operators kyc aml
Money service operators are at the forefront of international financial system as they help with the transfer of funds from one currency into another and...
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Ride Sharing services
Ride Sharing services might be the hottest form of transportation especially in developed countries but without utilising reliable KYC services, they tend to offer much...
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augmanted intelligence kyc services
Augmented intelligence (AI), also referred to as intelligence augmentation (IA) and cognitive augmentation, is next level in Artificial Intelligence, fine tuning the overall automation process...
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