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Supported Documents

The IDV support over 1000 different templates for Drivers License, Passport, ID Cards, Utility Bills, Bank Statement from all over the world.


Shufti Pro is compliant with GDPR. Get in-depth information on it here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Countries Are Supported By Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro supports ALL countries.

What Languages Are Supported By Shufti Pro?

We also support ALL languages.

Does Shufti Pro require third party plugins?

Shufti Pro does not require third party plugins.

Which services are provided by Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro offers Identity Verification, KYC, Whitelabeling. For more visit:

How does Shufti Pro offer KYC?

Shufti Pro complies with regional policies. It’s API protocol is universal and can be customised according to the region.

Which documents are verified by Shufti Pro?

There are 4 documents that we verify by default: ID cards, passports, driving licenses and credit/debit cards.
If you wish for more documents to be added, we can customize our service for you.

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