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Shufti Pro takes TE-Food onboard for KYC compliance!

Trusted Identity Management connoisseur chosen for ensuring end-user identity verification Bath, United Kingdom – January 26, 2018 – Shufti Pro, the PCI certified Know Your...
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Victor Fredung Neschko takes the reins of Shufti Pro!

BATH, UK, January 22, 2018, Shufti Pro, the recent innovator of Identity Video Verification and KYC in the global market, has announced today that Victor...
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Bitcoin ATMs – how it works and KYC compliance

Bitcoin ATMs are everything an ATM is and isn’t.       The world of finance and banking has changed drastically in the past year....
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License Verification for Online Transport Services

Increasing driver scams and stolen identities demand for effective verification processes before hirings take place. Taxi services are popping up here and there these days....
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Identity Verification Service

Warning signs of scam in ICOs

There is a distinct lack of secure identity verification service(s) usage in ICO market. The instances of elaborate ICO scams in today’s digital market can’t help...
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Fraud Prevention

8 Fraud Prevention Tips for a smooth business uptake in 2018

Fraudsters and scammers, despite fraud prevention software, are using new and tricky schemes to hack merchants and e-Commerce business daily. As the digital age is...
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Document verification Services for a Secure Freelance Platform

Document Verification for Fraudulent Sellers Document verification system is essential in digital era where online transactions are a norm. currently, there is a growing number...
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Know Your Customer Verification for Charity Organisations

Protect your charity against fraud and scams with Know Your Customer Online fraud prevention is the basic need when it comes to establishing online businesses....
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KYC Initial Coin Offerings

ICOs and Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a growing venture in the field of cryptocurrencies. Swiss Finma and US Treasury bodies have already introduce standards that will...
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To develop a simple and easy understanding of e-KYC and the role played by Shufti Pro’s digital identity verification services in online fraud prevention, head...
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Payment Method

Fraud Prevention through Secure Payment Processes

Why is making online transactions a risk? Online fraud prevention tools have seen a rise in need since the creation of virtual marketplaces. People prefer...
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Mobile ekyc Norms

KYC for customer on-boarding in Telecommunications Industry

Connecting with the World Quick identity verification is required by the telecommunication companies that are rapidly taking customers on board as registered sim card users...
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Online retails businesses

Fraud Protection for Online Retail Businesses

Online Marketplace faces Chargeback issues Fraud Protection Services are an integral part of retail businesses that are constantly looking out for fraudulent customers. They have...
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Customer on-boarding

Digital KYC Streamlines Customer On-boarding Process

Shufti Pro brings forth digital KYC verification services to perform identity verification processes in order to bring the customers on-board. We understand that it is...
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Financial institutions

E-KYC for Financial Institutions

e-KYC solution for banks is necessary in order to secure online transactions. The first step would be to perform KYC on your customers before taking...
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Higher education

Demand for KYC in Higher Education Milieu

KYC (Know Your Customer) has seen a trend of its use at Higher Education Testing Centres, recently, to ensure ID verification of their students upon...
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E-kyc services

E-KYC Services for Libraries

Why do libraries need KYC? KYC identity verification has become a need for online as well as physical libraries. Most of the public and private...
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Crowd funding

Know Your Customer to Secure Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding and the Stakes Secure KYC solution for ICOs that present the latest form of crowd funding, are an essential requirement these days. Crowd...
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Proof verification

Know Your Customer with Video Proof

Know your Customer (KYC) verification with Shufti Pro, which is becoming a recognised name in the emerging field of digital identity verification, is quick, accurate...
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Enhanced time

Enhance Time Efficiency with Shufti Pro’s KYC Solution

The Past Quick and secure e-KYC verification might not have been of importance in the days prior to this digital world as cyber security wasn’t...
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Social media

Social Media and Identity Theft Frauds

Falling prey to the scammers Identity theft fraud has increased manifold in this age of social media. There are numerous online businesses that are in...
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Fraud Prevention in Fintech Industry

Threats to the Industry KYC identity verification services are called for as the number of threats in the form of cyber security breaches have skyrocketed in the...
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Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud Prevention

The Situation As it Is Fraud prevention in insurance industries, which face the highest amounts of fraud cases every year all around the globe, is a...
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Real estate

Fraud Prevention in Real Estate Industry

Current State of Affairs Now-a-days, fraud detection software has become a necessity to deal with real estate frauds that are on the rise due to all the...
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Goldmint news

GOLDMINT® turns towards Shufti Pro® for Investors’ Verification

The call for e-KYC, authenticating them, and securing their payment processes led to the Startup’s collaboration with the emerging expert in online identity verification milieu...
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Digital ID Verification

The Current Situation Digital ID Verification is the key to securing your business in these changing times, where paper money use is reducing and there...
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Protect Your Bitcoin Business With KYC Compliance

Problems a Bitcoin Business Faces Online identity verification services may solve the main problem a bitcoin based business faces, i.e. its exploitation through fraudulent transactions. If...
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Secure Online Gaming with Digital KYC

Identity theft protection has become a necessary requirement for the online gaming industry. Many a times, players are invited to buy add-ons and perks in...
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Verify ID Online For a Secure Travel Experience

KYC solution for travel industry is one of the fundamental uses of Shufti Pro in the purchase of e-tickets and bookings. We all know the...
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Enhance Security with e-KYC Solutions

The need for secure identity verification services has risen exponentially, according to a survey report from PwC in 2016. It said that security incidents within...
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Health care

Fraud Prevention in Health Care Industry

Through installing digital identity verification app, many healthcare centres are working on enhancing the check-in experience for the patients. It not only diminishes the comfort...
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Online merchants

Secure Online Merchandises with E-KYC

  In order to establish the real-world identity of consumers, Shufti Pro takes a deeper dive into the authentication process, increases fraud prevention & minimises even...
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pricing plans news

Prices for Shufti Pro’s® Digital Identity Verification Service Positively Stir The Public

Heads turn towards the appealing announcement of their pricing plans; path to online fraud prevention and digital identity verification never looked more feasible and affordable...
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China Russia news

Shufti Pro® Expands ID Checks Online to Russia and China

Shufti Pro® advances their technology to support these world giants for their e-KYC needs to satiate stipulation for digital ID verification services from the East....
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United kingdom news

Shufti Pro’s® e-KYC services establish in the United Kingdom

Months of hard work and diligence in the fraud protection services resulted in Shufti Pro’s® setup in the UK as a registered company; scores of...
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Still verification news

Shufti Pro’s® ‘Still Verification’ Feature Enhances Customisation for KYC Services

Demand for enhanced fraud prevention, increased flexibility to customise, improved customer credibility without integration of our API led the team to develop Still Verification feature...
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Payment Method

EPP System® partners with Shufti Pro® for Fraud Protection Services

Need for digital KYC has compelled one of the pioneers in the payment processing industry to join hands with Shufti Pro® for an improved credibility...
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Staff Timer® turns to Shufti Pro® for a secure KYC and on-boarding solution

Demand for improved fraud prevention, reduced customer on-boarding time, and online ID check of the client base resulted in Staff Timer’s® embrace of Shufti Pro’s®...
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Due books news

DueBooks® integrates Shufti Pro® for Business Verification Services

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am...
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KYC solution for Banks

After updating KYC regulations across most banks of the world, it has become equally important to use a reliable and authentic digital ID verification application....
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Tech connoisseurs

Tech Connoisseurs Present Shufti Pro for Digital Identity Verification

KYC compliant and Identity Verification SaaS, Shufti Pro, is launched for mobile and web-based integration. BATH, United Kingdom – September, 2015 – A team of...
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