Document Verification

Document Verification

Verify IDs anywhere, anytime

Worldwide coverage for document authentication to help ensure KYC compliance as well as avoiding Identity theft in the online environment.

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Government ID Card

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Driving Licenses

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ID Types

How it works?

User will display their ID in front of webcam

Shufti Pro will analyse the ID and capture information from it*

ID analysis is performed by AI and HI

Captured information and the result is sent to the Client

ID Analysis

Information and document verification
Validation of image on ID card against User’s selfie

Real IDs

  • Check for Accuracy of Format
  • Check for Authenticity of MRZ
  • Detect crumpled/folded edges
  • Check Photoshop | Tampering | Forgery
  • Verify Hologram | Rainbow Print
  • Detect Blurriness | Exposure

True Information

  • Name | Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Document Issue and Expiry Date
  • Document Number
  • MRZ or Bar Code
  • Country of Origin

Age Verification

Age Verification

If Client wants to ascertain that a user belongs to a certain age group depending upon regulations then Shufti Pro will set a maximum and minimum DoB range to form an age bracket. During OCR, the scanned DoB is determined against this age bracket.

  • Online Dating
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis
  • Gambling
Age Verification
Country Verification Image

Nationality Verification

Country Verification Image

Shufti Pro can restrict countries which are allowed in Client’s system. Let's say you want to restrict Chinese citizens from participating in your token sale; then any Chinese originating ID document (whether DL, Passport, etc) will be automatically rejected by the system.

  • Crypto
  • Fund Raising
  • Account Opening

Name and DOB

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Shufti Pro can verify aII data sent by end-user or Client. Name verification is performed by format (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name) based on document type that is presented. Similarly, DoB is also assessed. Clients can set level fuzziness; for partial or exact match of the information.

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ID Verification

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Document Verification

Document Issue,
Expiry and Number

Document Verification

Apart from security markers, businesses must ensure that IDs presented for verification purposes are not expired as that may hurt the integrity of the documents. Moreover, enterprises like insurance, banking, travel may require additional information like document number to be captured from the document for administrative purposes. Many IDs don't have an Expiry Date displayed on the ID. However, laws of these countries state a certain "validity time" starting from the issue date of document. Shufti Pro intelligent system can easily assess the expiry of such IDs too.

  • Peer to Peer
  • Travel & Visa
  • Permissions
Document Verification


Perform verification in just
30-60 seconds

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Can verify IDs in any language or form



Validation via both Human and Artificial Intelligence