Document Verification

Document Verification

Verify IDs anywhere, anytime

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Government ID Card

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Driving Licenses

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Credit/Debit Card




ID Types

How it works?

User will display their ID in front of webcam

Shufti Pro will analyse the ID and capture information from it*

ID analysis is performed by AI and HI

Captured information and the result is sent to the Client

ID Analysis

Information and document verification
Validation of image on ID card against User’s selfie

Real IDs

  • Check for Accuracy of Format
  • Check for Authenticity of MRZ
  • Detect crumpled/folded edges
  • Check Photoshop | Tampering | Forgery
  • Verify Hologram | Rainbow Print
  • Detect Blurriness | Exposure

True Information

  • Name | Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Document Issue and Expiry Date
  • Document Number
  • MRZ or Bar Code
  • Gender | Country of Origin