Shufti Pro

Address Verification

Address Verification Paves Way for a reliable clientele

Shufti Pro acts as the ultimate gatekeeper confirming Address of every one of your customers in real time.

Address Verification for full-proof KYC
  • Accurate Address for every customer
  • Ultimate Identity theft protection
  • Easier delivery of ordered items
  • Additional Identity Verification Check
  • Top of the line service standards

Support for Multiple Documents

Shufti Pro is fully aware about the need of air tight Identity verification services but we also want to make the process hassle free for end users.

Shufti Pro can perform
Address Verifications from

Identity Cards

Bank Statements

Utility Bills


No more Address Frauds

Online merchants can use Address Verification service from Shufti Pro to refute the claims of customers that the shipped order never arrived at their address.


Global Document Support

Shufti Pro can verify address of end-users from any identity card published in any official language, creating unlimited opportunities for businesses.


Greater Revenues at Smaller Price

Address Verifications lead to higher business growth by cutting down on cashbacks and false claims by spending a marginal amount on an automated process.