Address Verification

Address Verification

Authentication of Proof of Address for verified deliveries or user identity; preventing customer fraud and/or charge-backs with evidence of purchase.

Preventing chargeback frauds

Shufti Pro’s comprehensive Address Verification deters fraud from false deliveries, or invalid customer location. Whether you are an E-Commerce Platform, Banking Institution or Virtual Fundraiser; Online Address Verification is a sound choice for a risk-free business.

  • It helps prevent chargeback fraud
  • It helps reduce chargeback requests
  • It helps businesses to stay compliant

How it Works ?

User verifies their identity with face

User will display ID card in front of the webcam

User’s face is matched with the image on ID card

*User can also upload pre-captured selfie/clip based on Client’s preference

User displays their Utility Bill in front of the webcam

Shufti Pro will cross-match the name from the Utility Bill against ID Card

Shufti Pro will validate the address document

Results are shown to the user and sent back to the Client via API and can also be seen in the back-office

Validation Measures

  • Name of User is present on the Document.
  • Address Document is not Photoshopped//Forged
  • Document is not older than 3 months.
  • Document is fully visible with no folded corners.
  • Document type is correct.
  • Document shows full address in accurate format
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Global Support

More than 3000 templates supported in all languages to assist operations across territories.

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The “proof” of address verification is recorded in the form of a video as evidence in cases of chargeback claims.

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Vigilant Checks

Information is validated against a secondary document (Name on ID or Driving License etc).

Online address verification solution by Shufti Pro along with its comprehensive KYC and AML suite acts as an ultimate security barrier.

Do business without the threat of compliance fines or online fraudsters