Shufti Pro All-in-one Integration Guide

Easy integration options to get you
started in 10 minutes

Shufti Pro's All-in-one Integration Guide

Shufti Pro offers a comprehensive, and to-the-point integration for Clients to start with a leading KYC/AML engine. Start verifying your users with ease.

Developer(s) options at a glance:

  • Restful API for Web-based applications and modules
  • SDK integration for iOS & Android
  • Data Extraction (OCR and Non OCR Documentations)
  • Offsite and Onsite Mode (Direct and indirect data collection from end-users)
  • Service, Data, Results, Status and Delete parameters.
  • Live testing with real IDs or Test Documents

Shufti Pro’s integration documentation is split into two categories:


In onsite verification method, Client’s end-user will directly communicate with Shufti Pro by submitting ID documents for verification. In Onsite requests, end-user will display their ID card, and Face in front of the webcam or smartphone’s front camera for Shufti Pro to capture image/videos.

Onsite Documentation is available in two formats:

– Onsite (with OCR)

Shufti Pro will extract information from ID card (Name, DoB etc) and send back to Client via an API.

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– Onsite (without OCR)

End-User will manually input their information and Shufti Pro will cross match it against information present on ID document.

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In off-site verification method, Client will collect information and ID document proofs from end-user and send to Shufti Pro via API to perform verification. In Onsite requests, end-user will upload image/videos of their ID Document, and Selfie.

Offsite Documentation is available in two formats:

– Offsite (with OCR)

Shufti Pro will extract information from ID card (Name, DoB, etc.) and send it back to the Client via API to populate forms.

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– Offsite (without OCR)

End-User will submit credentials to the Client. Client will make a server-to-server call to Shufti’s API. Shufti Pro will validate the verification request and send results back to the Client via an API call.

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Auto Code Generator (API based) will allow developers to integrate its services in just 5 minutes with any pre-existing online portal, website or mobile application. All major programming languages are supported in this feature. Developers can simply select the services they want to integrate, choose between onsite or offsite verification, and OCR or non-OCR. Afterward, clients are provided with code which they can integrate into their choice of platform.

The code in all major programming languages that include:

  • HTTP
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Python

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Hosted Verification Page is a unique solution for Clients who need a hosted solution or do not have a developer team. Simply tell us your requirements for the Verification process, and Shufti Pro will create a webpage. Clients can send webpage’s URL to end-user who can perform upload their ID documents here for verification.

HVP at a Glance:

  • UI/UX customization options in form
  • Additional data parameters for KYC verification
  • Choice of Logo and Color Scheme
  • Unique URL
Hosted Verification Section

No integration required!

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Biometric Authentication SDK is next-generation technology offered to help digitize user onboarding. With this SDK, clients are able to verify access requests with Liveness Detection instead of Passwords.

The SDK has two main components:

(i) Register Request:

This is the authentication request Clients will send to Shufti Pro during the initial Sign-up or Enrollment of End-User.

(ii) Login Request:

This is the authentication request Clients will send to Shufti Pro whenever End-User attempts Sign-in.

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