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Proof of Verification

Automated AML checks

Data extraction - OCR

Available in every country


Face Verification

Latest facial recognition protocols serves as ultimate defense against facial spoof attacks

Document Verification

Real time authentication of documents provided by end-users as proof of identification

Address Verification

Identify and validate addresses from official documents using Artificial & Human Intelligence

Data Extraction

Instantly capture information by scanning ID card and populate it in forms

Hand Written Note Verification

Verify identity of end-user through a Handwritten note with unique content displayed on it

Background Checks

Comprehensive AML checks against sanctions and watch lists from financial watchdogs

Verification Process

Why Shufti Pro?

An Artificial Intelligence
based authentication process

  • Verifications powered by Machine Learning
  • Pattern recognition for smooth confirmations
  • Most technologically advanced IDV process

Perfect Integration
Without any Downtime

  • API and SDK integration available
  • Support for iOS and Android platform
  • No Third party plugins required

Prices that match
Service standards

  • Tailored business packages
  • One time setup fee
  • No extra support charges

Reliable Verifications
for every Industry

  • Beneficial for diverse business categories
  • Option of customization available
  • Serviced multiple clients from various markets

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