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Facial Recognition

Doesn’t it amaze you when a social media network automatically lets you know about your tagged photos? That is facial recognition at a glance. Shufti Pro utilizes this technique…

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Document Verification

Shufti Pro’s Document Verification Service is two-fold. It secures authentication of the Document; whether it is valid or not by checking for fake or counterfeit items…

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Name Verification

With the rising identity theft crimes prevalent in financial institutions, a fast paced, accurate, and digitised KYC solution is essential. Ever had your identity stolen?

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DoB Verification

Shufti Pro verifies user’s identity by ensuring the validity of Date of Birth on their documents. Educational Institutions and Service vendors often need to update their database…

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Address Verification

Shufti Pro’s state-of-the-art Address Verification is designed to support Enterprises which are directly affected by undeliverable packages, failed shipment fees, and for Individuals…

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Card Present Verification

Did you know that net Card Fraud has increased from $3.1 billion in 2015 to a monumental $6.4 billion in 2018? Shufti Pro’s Card Present Verification service is developed to secure the validity…

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Background Checks

As enterprises and financial institutions are moving towards digital solutions, more and more fraud activities are being reported. Are you a victim of Money Laundering committed against…

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Document Expiry Check

Utilising the date parameter, Shufti Pro ensures the eligibility of any presented document by verifying if its expired. Entry of invalid ID cards or Driving Licences for verification…

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Why choose Shufti Pro ?

Data protection

Shufti Pro strongly believes in transparency of services. Our data-banks are located in EEA, governed by Sensitive PII data protection laws. We are GDPR compliant with the International Commissioner’s Office UK. Shufti Pro uses SHA256 end-to-end encryption and our servers are monitored 24/7.


As per our PCI DSS compliance, PAN Masking is ensured. Customer Data is only accessible by Shufti Pro and the Client, to the degree that is required to carry our verifications. Our SSL protected system ensures that User’s submitted credentials are untraceable by hackers.

Client Centric

Shufti Pro has the least turnaround time while conducting verifications, and is 19% cheaper compared to its competitors. We ensure best practices by offering Proof of Verification. No plugins required for service integration coupled with a Voice Assistant allows us to make our technology user-friendly.

Infinitely Customisable

Data can be hosted on the customer’s choice of server. The service is dynamic and flexible enough to address evolving demands of the industry. We are capable of handling hundreds and thousands of verifications on daily basis and are constantly upgrading our systems.

Our Happy Customers

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Shufti Pro gives multiple options to choose from for Document Verification.

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Shufti Pro’s SDK and API can be integrated seamlessly in your app or on your website.

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