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id card verification

ID Card

Shufti Pro verifies the name, DOB, holographic overlays and performs face match using biometric facial recognition on user’s government-issued ID cards, with the help of artificial and human intelligence.

Passport Verification


Shufti Pro’s Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) validate the passport by matching the name, DOB, user’s photo (via biometric facial recognition), holographic overlays and MRZ codes on user’s original document.

Driving license verification

Driving License

Shufti Pro confirms (or not) the authenticity by matching the name, DOB, user’s photo and holographic overlays on the driving license through machine learning algorithms. The process is similar to that of ID card verification.

Credit Card verification

Credit/Debit Cards

Shufti Pro’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms verify the credit/debit card number by matching its first 6 and the last 4 digits. A layer of human intelligence is included for added security as well.


Quick Verification

quick verification

Shufti Pro surpasses its competitors when it comes to the verification time. Our verification process spans from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. The SaaS captures the user’s face, followed by their identity documents and checks for their duplicity in real-time, all within the 60-second window.

Real Time Verification

Real time verification

Each step of the process happens live, eliminating the compulsion of ‘forced document upload’. User shows their face, followed by their identity documents to the camera and their identity is verified (or not) using AI and machine learning algorithms that perform user’s 3D presence and liveness check.

Verification Stream

Verification Stream

Throughout the real-time process, a live video stream is recorded that later serves as the proof of verification. It is made accessible to you in our back office so you may review the entire process, should the need presents itself.

No Plugins Required

No Plugin

Shufti Pro requires no additional plugins or software installations in order to begin working within your website or mobile app. It is integrated using a very simple and easy-to-integrate API and works in line with all kinds of operating systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Shufti Pro makes use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and machine learning algorithms in order to perform biometric facial recognition, MRZ code detection and authentication of holographic overlays on user’s documents.

Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

We wish to provide our users with completely accurate and secure services. To achieve that, Shufti Pro has included an added layer of security in the form of human intelligence, wherein human DEOs double-check the verifications performed by the AI-based algorithms.

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“We envision an online marketplace free of frauds, scams and identity thefts. Our aim is to arm digital businesses and merchants with online fraud prevention tools, and enhance cyber security to the maximum extent. Shufti Pro provides state ot the art digital KYC (Know Your Customer) services, tailored to meet the requirements of your business model!”

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