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Shufti Pro allows you to easily verify ID cards, Passports, Driver’s Licenses, Credit Cards, Utility Bills, Pay Slips and more.

Credit/Debit Card


ID Card

Driving License

How Does It Work?


See how ShuftiPro is different from others!

Quick Verification

Get your document verified in just about 30 seconds with ShuftiPro!

Real-time Verification

ShuftiPro verifies the document in real-time to further authenticate the verification process

Verification Video Stream

Allows you to get a video stream of all the four steps involved in document verification

No Plugins Required

No need to install any plugin or application before verifying a document with ShuftiPro

Artificial Intelligence

ShuftiPro verifies a document intelligently using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)

Human Intelligence

To provide 99% verification accuracy, ShuftiPro also involves human DEOs to verify a document

getting Global

Footprints of ShuftiPro are found all around the globe!

Use Cases

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