Drive sales, reduce fraud and improve CX with IDV and KYC Solutions for eCommerce

Providing you with an efficient and trusted system of verifying customers and suppliers to avoid eCommerce fraud

A seamless ecommerce experience with identity verification services for online retailers

Shufti Pro’s identity verification solutions verify and screen suppliers and customers to ensure compliance with global verification regulations

Fraud prevention


Remove synthetic IDs and accelerate sales on your eCommerce platform by onboarding legitimate customers through automated verification technology. Prevent stolen and expired IDs from any fraudulent use

Build trust

Build trust and
enhance safety across
the community

Verify identities and deliver a trusted e-commerce transacton experience to your customers with the latest IDV and KYC solutions

Business verification


Know your suppliers quickly by accessing registered users worldwide and easily gain global business data and insights. Through KYC checks and AML screening, you can verify international businesses with certainty

Onboarding Real Customers
in 4 Convenient Steps

User Upload

Step 1

End-user uploads a photo
of government-issued identity


Step 2

End-user takes
a live selfie using mobile
or webcam


Step 3

Shufti Pro matches
the user’s selfie with the photo
on ID document

Verification Result

Step 4

Verification result
is delivered and proof
is stored in back office

KYC Plug-in for Wordpress and Shopify

Integrate KYC verification into a WordPress website or Shopify application using our simple plug-in. It comes with all of the Shufti Pro KYC service features and is highly configurable.

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KYC Plugin

Saving retailers and customers from hostile account takeovers and fraud

Verifying customer identities for a risk free marketplace and building trust amongst your customer base

A robust registration and age verification process

Verify documents with a seamless registration process and detect whether an ID is genuine or not. To check the age for restricted goods, we confirm a user's date of birth by verifying their ID

robust registration

Blocking fraudulent attempts on customers

Prevent chargebacks and recover revenue that’s lost

fraudulent attempts

Quick and easy onboarding

With a perfect balance of security and speed, you can have a quick automated onboarding process saving time and energy

Quick and easy onboarding

Safeguard your business through identity theft protection

Through machine learning and real-time data, combat identity theft frauds to get an optimal customer experience. Your brand will be protected and it will enhance your business reputation

Safeguard your business

Combat bad actors and expand your business

Avoid financial crime and protect your business with an easy to integrate API that can help you improve your online store performance and expand into new countries

Combat bad actors

Higher onboarding rates

Benefit from automated Identity Verification in just a few seconds enabling you to experience a 40% higher customer onboarding rate

Higher onboarding rates

How can Shufti Pro help protect an online business?

Know your customer

Know your

Verify customer identity
within a few seconds

Facial biometric authentication

Facial biometric

Biometric facial recognition for secure
customer login

Video KYC


Secure customer onboarding through
a live video call with a KYC expert

Know your business

Know your business

A comprehensive verification of
potential SME, corporate partners and
other third-parties

OCR for businesses

for businesses

Accurate data extraction from 3000+ ID
documents conveniently within seconds

eCommerce Industry Insights

Gain valuable knowledge with blog posts written exclusively for the eCommerce sector by our industry experts. Get the latest information on KYC verification and AML regulations as they pertain to the eCommerce space

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Securing online
Holiday season
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