Catch Shufti Pro in Action at Money 20/20 Europe

London, UK – Team Shufti Pro is thrilled to announce its participation in the biggest FinTech event of 2021 – Money 20/20

The 2021 edition of Money 20/20 Europe will be taking place between the 21st and 23rd of September 2021 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Founded in 2012 by Payments and Fintech veterans from Google, TSYS and Citi, Money 20/20 is a global event that hosts 1000+ industry leaders, C-level executives, renowned speakers, innovators and disruptors in the FinTech industry, all of whom engage in discussions and conferences to drive change in the future of money. 

The event will facilitate 3 extraordinary days filled with the right conversations, the right connections and the right breakthroughs, enabling participant individuals and organizations of all sizes to achieve their goals and grow.

This year, Shufti Pro will be attending the event in Amsterdam to highlight the significance of AI-powered identity verification solutions in the financial space. 

Shufti Pro is a global digital IDV provider that leverages AI technology to assist businesses in meeting their compliance and regulatory needs. The solutions offered by Shufti Pro include KYC verification, AML screening, biometric authentication, and NFC verification to name a few – all of which provide results with an accuracy rate of 98.67%. 

When it comes to the future of the financial industry, nothing is more important than addressing the growing concerns of cybersecurity and surging data breaches. Fraudulent players frequently exploit security loopholes in data-sensitive companies for their own financial benefit. Shufti Pro provides solutions that can effectively help organizations get rid of these criminals while staying compliant with global AML and KYC laws. 

So mark your calendars for Money 20/20 – Europe and get the chance to meet the team behind the emergent leader in the ID verification industry along with the CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung. 


Catch Shufti Pro at SBC Digital Payments- an Event by SBC Events

London UK- Team Shufti Pro is eager to attend SBC Digital Payment by SBC Events to discuss the latest developments and innovations in Payments and Compliance.

The event, occurring on 29th April, will be a day full of end-to-end discussion on payments, compliance and fintech specific to the betting and gaming industry. SBC is opening up myriad opportunities by bringing together the fintech-leading minds and decision-makers in payment in the betting and gaming industry. The experts will share their insights regarding the key areas of KYC, compliance, fraud, AML, and cryptocurrencies in the industry and discuss the cutting-edge solution for success in the sector. Over 750 delegates and 300 operator delegates are attending the event with 40 world-class speakers and 15 exhibitors. The event opens the door for networking and connection-building with the market leaders to spark an interesting and valuable discussion between industry vendors and clientele looking for a potential solution.

Shufti Pro is an AI-powered identity verification service provider that offers robust KYC and AML services to their clientele worldwide. It assists various industries in meeting their regulatory needs including financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce. Shufti Pro is known to provide swift and highly accurate identity verification service with its cutting edge technology that comes with enhanced customer experience. When it comes down to digital payments and compliances, the issue of financial crime and customer experience is also raised. By taking part in the SBC Digital Payments, Team Shufti Pro will highlight the growing concern of illicit activities like money laundering and fraud in the online gaming and betting sector and will join heads with the industry leaders to come up with the most effective solution.

Save the date and join our team to be a part of this mind-opening discussion deciding the future of digital payments and compliances in the online betting and gaming sector.


Shufti Pro is Conducting a Webinar “Digital COVID Pass: A Safe Way to Resume Travel and Businesses”

Shufti Pro is hosting a webinar, “Digital COVID Pass: A Safe Way to Resume Travel and Businesses”, to discuss our vaccine passport verification service and how it can help in the revival of global travels. 

Date of the Webinar: 14th April 2021

Time of the Webinar: 11:30 am CET

To minimize the spread of the disease, authorities around the globe are working towards developing a COVID vaccine passport. It is proposed that anyone with the vaccine passport will be able to travel freely or access public facilities without any restrictions. However, authorities are still concerned about the authenticity of the vaccine passports. Fraudsters are already selling fake COVID tests and it is inevitable that the same would be done for the vaccine passports as well. 

Shufti Pro has launched a Digital COVID Pass that will assist the public facilities as well the travel industry in verifying not only the vaccine passports but also the authenticity of the COVID-PCR test. Tune in to our webinar to learn more about how Digital COVID Pass is playing a key role in the revival of the new normal. 

Key Learning of the Webinar:

  • Travel Hazards amind Pandemic 
  • Proposed Remedy for reviving travels and business
  • What are Vaccine Passports?
  • Customer Experiences
  • Why Shufti Pro’s Digital COVID Pass?
  • Who needs the pass?
  • Benefits of the pass


The speaker of our webinar will be Kristina Zakharchenko who is the Head of Sales at Shufti Pro. She has more than 10 years of experience in Business Development and Sales. She is a known expert in customer profiling, product development, and customer onboarding. 


Shufti Pro is Thrilled to Participate in the First Virtual European Gaming Q1 Meetup

The stage has been set up for the first virtual European gaming Q1 meetup and team Shufti Pro is thrilled to join the event.

This one-day event will take place on 11th Feb 2021 organized by European Gaming Media. The event is the first quarterly event followed by three more in 2021. European Gaming Media has successfully organized European Gaming Congress 2019 in Milan and European Gaming Congress 2018 in Ljubljana. European Gaming media organized its first virtual event in 2020 because of COVID-19 and social distancing protocols. 

This event is designed to keep you up to date with the fresh news and information of the gambling industry in European Economic Era and CommonWealth countries. The meetup will feature panel discussions and live questions/answers per topic and region. The panel discussion will be attended by 60 speakers including CEOs, Key Industry experts, Stakeholders, Business Development Managers and sometimes Government Officials focusing on what is going on in the gambling sector and what are expected alterations in future. 

Shufti Pro will be a participant of the discussion giving its views about the significance of Identity Verification and Age Verification in the gambling industry. Several frauds and scams are taking place through gambling channels and money launderers use gambling channels to convert illicit money into legalized funds. Shufti Pro will highlight the importance of KYC and AML compliances for the gambling industry and how technology can help them to prevent these illegal practices. Shufti Pro is known as one of the leading vendors of  KYC verification and AML checks, that offers 98.67% accuracy to various industries around the globe. 

So mark the calendar on 11th Feb to join the European Gaming Q1 Meetup and get informed about the gambling, betting and technological advancements in the gaming industries.


Shufti Pro is Attending Betting on Sports *America Digital* by SBC Events

Shufti Pro cannot wait to participate in Betting on Sports America, the biggest virtual sports betting event in North America. 

The event will be held on 1st & 2nd December 2020 and will be full of thought-provoking discussions on the future of sports betting in the USA. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SBC has changed its Betting on Sports America to a digital event for the safety of the attendees and to maintain the social distancing protocols. Despite that, the event is still an amazing opportunity to interact with industry leaders, executives from major gaming operators, sports organizations, and regulators.

This event presents a huge range of opportunities for networking through roundtable debates and various workshops. An expo hall will be showcasing the latest and the most innovative supplies from the industry leaders. 2,500 delegates will be participating along with 130 speakers and 40 exhibitors from all around the world to take part in shaping the future of betting on sports.

Shufti Pro will be a part of this event to highlight the importance of identity verification regulations and how the use of AI-powered technology is the future of these regulatory demands. Shufti Pro uses AI-powered identity verification solutions to offer KYC and AML services with an accuracy rate of 98.67%. It has assisted various organizations around the world to comply with their KYC regulatory needs. Betting on sports require stringent regulations as it can open doors for various types of fraud and money laundering activities. Protection of minors is also an utmost priority in these sports betting endeavors. Shufti Pro’s identity verification solution can fulfill these requirements. 

So save the dates and join Betting on Sports America with team Shufti Pro to learn how you can seamlessly deal with your regulatory needs and fight fraud. 


Shufti Pro is Excited to Participate in an Innovative Virtual Event- SiGMA Europe

London UK, Shufti Pro team is excited to attend SiGMA Europe, a virtual event that will discuss the future of the European gaming and tech sphere.   

After a huge success in Asia and America, SiGMA and AIBC now bring the expo floor full of world-class exhibitors, conferences, and workshops in Europe. 

From 24th-25th November 2020, the virtual event will give you the opportunity to explore the latest development in the tech industry. AIBC and SiGMA will gather the industry leaders to highlight the innovations in artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum tech, IoT, and other developing technologies. This online event will provide a state of the art experience with thoughtful and mind-opening interactions with 5,000 delegates, 150 exhibitors, and 100 speakers. 

The event will also highlight the updates in regulations and their effects on your business, innovative marketing, the changes in sportsbooks and payments, and newly developing technologies. SiGMA will take this opportunity to reveal their brand-new career fair with WhyiGaming to open up more career doors. 

Team Shufti Pro will take advantage of this conference to give their input regarding regulations in the related industry. Shufti Pro is an identity verification service providing company that uses AI solutions to assist various organizations in meeting their compliance and regulatory needs. Shufti Pro’s identity verification solutions offer multiple services like KYC verification and AML screening around the globe with an accuracy rate of 98.67%. When it comes to the future of gaming and technology, nothing is more important than to discuss the growing concern of security and data breaches that comes with it. There are always bad actors on the loose trying to manipulate the technology for their own benefit. Shufti Pro provides solutions that help the organizations get rid of these criminals and remain intact with the law. 

Save the date and join our team to indulge in this amazing opportunity and learn more about the innovations in gaming and technology.


Shufti Pro to be a Part of Financial Innovation at FinVision by FintechOS

London, UK- Team Shufti Pro will be participating in an innovative event, FinVision, to discuss the future of financial technologies. Come join us, to discuss the digital transformation of identity verification. 

The three-day event from 17th to 19th will be filled with end-to-end discussion on the success, practices, and opportunities to innovate the financial sector. Industry leaders, visionaries, and experts from the banking, fintech, insurance, and media community will join heads to give insights on strategies and innovations regarding banking and insurance operations. Over a thousand participants with 20 interactive sessions and more than 20 speakers will take part in panel discussions, debates, detailed case studies, one on one meetings, and live Q/A sessions. The speakers line up include challengers, enablers, global game-changers, technology leaders, banking, and insurance leaders. This platform will allow amazing networking and connection-building opportunities to ignite an interesting and yet beneficial conversation between industry vendors and clientele. 

Shufti Pro, a service providing company that helps financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce platforms in safer and fraud-free business operations. Shufti Pro provides identity verification solutions that offer KYC, and AML services to various companies around the world with an accuracy rate of 98.67%. When it comes to the discussion of the future of financial services, nothing is more important than discussing the growing concern of fraud and criminal activities associated with it. Shufti Pro plans on highlighting the issues of identity theft, money-laundering, and cybercrimes, and further plans on raising awareness on how the use of AI-powered technology can eliminate such problems. 

Save the dates and come interact with our team to take initiatives regarding the digital transformation of your company. 


Explore the Future of Identity Verification Solutions with Shufti Pro at Identity Week 2020

Team Shufti Pro has decided to attend a virtual event, Identity Week 2020, to take part in enlightening conversations regarding the identity verification market. Join our team and learn more about securing the world with identity verification solutions. 

From 16 November to 18 November, the three days will be full of debates, presentations by experts, and critical information regarding identity verification solutions. The best minds in the industry will gather to explore the future of government, citizens, and commercial identity verification solutions. Identity Week will give insight into the changing world of identity verification with 150+ speakers, 24 thought-leader panels, and informative presentations, insightful interviews, and an upcoming product launch. 

This event will be a hub of identity and trust and it will do a detailed analysis of how various organizations are going about the identification and verification process. The event will exchange ideas to discuss the upcoming opportunity for a more effective identity verification solution. 

When it comes to identity verification, Shufti Pro cannot be left behind. Shufti Pro is one of the leading names identity verification service providers that offer KYC and AML services. To fight identity fraud and make the marketplace secure is the main goal that Shufti Pro is striving to achieve. Our team is dedicated to providing human authentication service through; face verification, biometric authentication, document verification, address verification, and two-factor authentication. Customer’s in around 232 countries across the globe have benefitted from Shufti Pro’s highly effective identity verification services with an accuracy of 98.67%. 

Whether you are a sponsor, visitor, conference delegate, etc. save the date and come find team Shufti Pro to learn about the future of identity verification solutions together.


Participate with Team Shufti Pro at the Biggest Virtual Event – SBC Digital Summit 2020

Yes, you have heard it right! Shufti Pro will be attending SBC Digital Summit, the largest online event that is dedicated to the CIS betting and gaming industry. Find our team to learn about the required security measures in the betting and gaming industry. 

On 4th and 5th November 2020, SBC Digital Summit CIS will be held. It is a highly interactive virtual conference that will discuss the future of online gaming and the betting industry in the CIS region. CIS region, although full of opportunities have little to no information available on this particular market. SBC, partnering with many experts will be hosting this conference to provide insights. The conference will be held online through exhibitions, networking, and interactive platforms with experts and delegates in the booming betting and gaming industry in the CIS region. More than 2000 delegates will be attending with 75 speakers and 25 exhibitors.  Over the course of two days, the experts will share their views and the opportunities of this particular market in countries like Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and many others. 

Shufti Pro’s team will be present at the event to highlight the issue of security in the online betting and gaming industry. Shufti Pro is one of the leading providers to provide online Identity verification services. Fraudsters have taken a toll in every industry, and the gaming and betting industry is not safe from it either. Shufti Pro has helped various industries in fighting identity theft and complying with KYC and AML regulations with an accuracy rate of 98.67 percent 

In order to have a detailed discussion on how to secure the gaming and betting platforms and make the best of opportunities in CIS in related industry, find us at SBC Digital Summit CIS on 4th and 5th November.