Frequently Asked Questions - Shufti Pro
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How does it work?

User is asked to follow a very simple set of steps. First, the front camera of the device will turn on. For clear view purposes user has to sit in a place with enough light. Once the camera takes a snapshot, user will be asked to show the document that needs to be verified. It will further clarify the Date of birth and/or the last digits of the passport number or credit/debit card number. That’s it.

How long does it take for the identification process?

It takes 30 seconds to run the entire verification process. User needs to be prepared (identification document in hand) before the verification process starts. It will save a lot of time.

Is my Data (Picture and other information) secure?

Shufti Pro uses SHA512 encryption that nullifies the chances of your data being hacked or used by any third party without your permission. Your information is completely secure and no system can run through our encryption process and access your Data.

Do I need to install other plugins just like other verification systems?

Shufti Pro doesn’t require any extra plugins. It runs smoothly with other systems and the integration doesn’t require any extra effort.

What kind of devices does Shufti Pro work on?

Shufti Pro works on any device (Desktop, laptop or smartphone) that has a camera where a user can look and verify his documents.

Do I need to have a front camera or webcam?

Yes! In order to make the identification process simple and fast we have the camera feature. It doesn’t bother the user with the scanning and uploading of files. It just happens right there and then.

What kind of Legal documents are supported?

User can use ID card, Passport, Driving License and Credit/Debit Card for identification purposes.

Who can access my Data?

Your information will remain with the company or business that asks you for the identification process. We have no access whatsoever to any of the Data that user provides.

How many languages can Shufti Pro Support?

Shufti Pro is currently supporting more than 150 languages from all over the world.

In how many countries Shufti Pro is available?

Shufti Pro is available in more than 200 countries currently and growing. Our support system accommodates almost every country world-wide.