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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which countries are supported by Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro supports ALL countries.

What languages are supported by Shufti Pro?

We also support ALL languages.

Does Shufti Pro require third party plugins?

Shufti Pro does not require third party plugins.

Can Shufti Pro be integrated with my system?

The integration is done through API in a very seamless process. For more visit:

How many browsers does Shufti Pro support?

Shufti Pro supports all browsers. However, certain features i.e, Video Verification can be performed only via HTML5 browsers.

Will Shufti Pro easily work with webcams or external port?

Shufti Pro automatically detects availability of functioning webcam. No external port is required.

Does Shufti Pro has a customer service?

Shufti Pro has 24/7 customer service. You can reach them at or via email at

Can I integrate to one API, or do I need a different API per country?

Shufti Pro has one universal API which can be easily integrated with your system irrespective of location.

Does Shufti Pro offer proof of verification?

Shufti Pro offers proof of verification in the form of live video stream which can be accessed in the back-office.

How many clients does Shufti Pro has?

Shufti Pro has global presence. We currently hosts clients from multiple sectors. For details please visit:

Does Shufti Pro work with regional KYC compliance?

Shufti Pro is regionally compliant with universal policies of data protection and software development.


Which services are provided by Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro offers Identity Verification, KYC, Whitelabeling. For more visit:

How does Shufti Pro offer KYC?

Shufti Pro complies with regional policies. It’s API protocol is universal and can be customised according to the region.

What is white labelling?

Shufti Pro allows its global clients to resell its services under their name in order to build a customer base.

Which documents are verified by Shufti Pro?

There are 4 documents that we verify by default: ID cards, passports, driving licenses and credit/debit cards.
If you wish for more documents to be added, we can customize our service for you.

Do you verify country specific documents?

Yes, Shufti Pro supports verification of respective documents of specific countries.

Do you verify all passports?

Yes, Shufti Pro verifies passports of supported countries. For supported countries please visit:

Does Shufti Pro verify proof of address?

Yes, Shufti Pro offers POA verification in customised package.

Does Shufti Pro verify black and white documents?

Yes, Shufti Pro can customise the system to verify BnW documents. By default it only supports colored documents.

Are the output results consistent per country, or do I need to cater for different results?

No, all the results are generated and stored via a single API which is uniform across different countries.

Does Shufti Pro verify W2 Forms and paystubs?

Yes, Shufti Pro customises the packages to offer W2 forms and Paystubs verification.

Which documents are accepted for verifications?

Shufti Pro offers these documents by defaults: For more please visit: Documents We Verify.

Which identity cards are verified by Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro by default identifies government issued identity cards: Driving License, Passports and National identity Cards. Clients are able to customise if they require identification of other identity cards, i.e, Company Cards (to read logo or designation or more), Student Identity Card (to read name, class or more), etc.

Does Shufti Pro read holographic arrays and MRZ code?

Yes, Shufti Pro’s layer of AI reads through holographic arrays and MRZ codes.

Are laminated items scanned by Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro does not verify laminated items if their image is distorted in front of the camera.

Does Shufti Pro offer facial recognition?

Yes, Shufti Pro offers Still Image Verification where users can upload selfies and images of documents for verification, and Video Verification, where users can go through live processes by appearing in front of a webcam in real-time.

What is the process of facial recognition?

The API is integrated with clients website/online portal. Users, before engaging with the website, are redirected to a web interface which directs them with steps to verify their identity. Video Verification is launched if HTML5 browser and webcam is available, otherwise, users are shown instructions for Still Image Verification. For more information, visit: How It Works

Does Shufti Pro offer AML services?

Shufti Pro is currently in the process of developing AML features. For details, you can subscribe to our latest news here:

Does Shufti Pro verify all documents?

Yes, Shufti Pro verifies documents which are required by the clients.

Does Shufti Pro perform additional checks?

Yes, Shufti Pro’s services can be customised in the premium package according to client’s needs.

How does Shufti Pro ensure that a document is real?

Shufti Pro has a dual layer of sophisticated AI and HI that ensures authenticity of a document.

Verification Process

How much time does Shufti Pro takes to verify?

Shufti Pro offers a verification period of 30-60 seconds.

What is the verification process?

The verification process has two modes; online (real time verification through video) and offline (still image verification through image upload. For more please visit: How it Works/

What kinds of verification does Shufti Pro provide?

Shufti Pro offers ID verification, Identity Verification and Documents Verification.

Does Shufti Pro hold information in data banks?

Shufti Pro has secured data banks located in Germany which are protected with 256 bit end-to-end encryption.

How long does Shufti Pro hold information for?

Typically Shufti Pro’s data banks are updated every two years and all stored information is wiped out. In case a client dissolves their contract or complete their verifications, that information is held for six months and wiped after that. If a client wishes for immediate removal of information from data banks, then it takes up to one month.

What happens when verification process is failed?

The failed verification is alerted in the back office with proof. Users are manually redirected back to mainpage if they so wish to attempt it again.

Does Shufti Pro stores data of failed verifications?

Yes, Shufti Pro stores data of failed verifications.

Can failed verifications re-verify?

Yes, failed verifications are manually redirected back to main page from which they can apply for verification again.

Free Trial

Does Shufti Pro offer a free trial?

Yes, Shufti Pro offers free trial. For more visit:

What is the duration of free trial?

Shufti Pro doesn’t restrict trial period. However, number of verifications allowed in trial mode are restricted as per client testing needs.

Which features are restricted in free trial?

Shufti pro offers all features in free trial except Human Intelligence.

How many verifications can I make in free trial?

The number of allowed verification depends on client’s needs for testing.

API and integration

Does Shufti Pro have an API/SDK?

Yes, Shufti Pro has API/SDK release. Yes, we have a restful API and an SDK, which can easily integrate into your web, smartphone or desktop application. You may have access to our SDK and the detailed documentation on our GitHub page. One of our technical guys will help you throughout the process, if needed. For more visit:

Do you have API documentation?

Yes, Shufti Pro has API documentation. For more visit:

Can your product be integrated with an ATM machine?

Yes, Shufti Pro’s restful API can be easily integrated with ATM machines (Traditional and Crypto).

Does Shufti Pro offer a mobile application?

Yes, Shufti Pro has an SDK which can be integrated easily with your operating system.

Can Shufti Pro be hosted on all servers?

Yes, Shufti Pro supports universal servers.

How much time does integration take?

Integration time is dependant on client’s online portal and type of services required. Our developers facilitate the integration process.

Does Shufti Pro offer automated verifications?

Yes, Shufti Pro verifies identities and provide result in realtime.

Does Shufti Pro offer OCR information?

Shufti Pro is currently in the process of developing an OCR interface. For more subscribe to:

Compliance and Data Security

Does Shufti Pro have any compliance certification?

Currently, Shufti Pro has PCI compliance SAQ level and is registered with International Commissioner’s Office UK under GDPR compliance for Data Protection Act 1998.

Does Shufti Pro have GDPR compliance certificate?

Yes, Shufti Pro has GDPR compliance certification. our registration number is ZA311469 with the International Commissioner’s Office UK.

Does Shufti Pro sell data?

Shufti pro does not sell or offer data to third party. All provided information remains secure in our databanks.

Does Shufti Pro provide access to previous verifications?

Yes, clients have access to previous verifications of their users in back-office account.

What is the back-office?

Back-office is a portal created by Shufti Pro which holds account details, client details, verification data and additional information. It can be accessed only by developers and clients.

Does Shufti Pro have an alternative to AI based verification?

Yes, Shufti Pro has human DEOs in place to check authenticity of verification in real-time parallel to machine learning.

Do you have access to external databases?

Shufti Pro does not access external databases.

How many times is the database updated?

Shufti Pro’s databases are updated once every two years.

Account and Pricing

Does Shufti Pro offer pricing packages?

Shufti Pro currently offers two packages; Standard and Premium. For more details please visit:

What is the price range?

The pricing varies depending on the package that you choose. You may find our pricing plans here:
The three packages are as follows:
Enterprise: One-time setup fee of $4500, $1.20 per basic KYC verification.
Startup: One-time setup fee of $1250, $2.40 per basic KYC verification.
Premium: Pricing is based on customisation according to client’s needs and demands.

Does Shufti Pro offers discount?

Shufti Pro currently does not offer discounts. For customisable pricing please refer to our Premium Package here:

Does Shufti Pro offer individual prices for specific volumes?

Shufti Pro offers Premium Package in which clients can customize the services or verification volume as per requirements.

What payment modes are supported by Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro accepts payment via wire transfer, BTC, and credit/debit card payment.

Can client cancel their account?

Yes. Clients can contact the Shufti Pro sales team and receive instructions for the exit process.

What price do I have to pay if account is cancelled?

Clients are not required to pay cancellation fee except their monthly package charges.

What happens if client accidentally deletes their account?

There is no option for account deletion to ensure efficiency.

Supported Industries

Does Shufti Pro offer KYC for ICOs?

Shufti Pro offers KYC services for businesses including ICOs.

Which sectors/industries does Shufti Pro offer services to?

Shufti Pro mainly focuses on FinTech, ECommerce, Gaming, and Crypto Industry. For more details please visit.

Does Shufti Pro offer services to Crypto exchanges?

Shufti Pro supports Crypto based business. Please visit for more.

Does Shufti Pro offer services to Startups?

Shufti Pro supports Start Up industry.

Where is Shufti Pro’s office located?

Shufti Pro’s head office is in 190 Englishcombe Ln, Bath BA2 2EN, UK. We also have a global office located in Sweden and Latvia.