KYI – Know Your Investors

Seamlessly verify your investor while deterring the risk of onboarding blacklisted entities with Shufti Pro's Robust KYI solution

  • Onboard Authentic Investors
  • 99% Accurate Verification by Expert MLROs
  • Instant Document Verification
  • Fraud Risk Prevention
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Streamlined Process
for Onboarding Online
Investors Worldwide


Investor uploads their government-issued ID and business documents


Shufti Pro's expert MLROs validate investors' documents


Shufti Pro screens investor against global AML databases


Verification results are stored in the client's back office

Customisable Approach That Fits Every Business Requirement

Verification through our MLROs

Let Shufti Pro take the hassle of verifying your business investors. Our expert compliance officers and MLROs authenticate your investors by validating investor's IDs and corporate documents in real time

Shufti Pro MLROs

Verification through your own team

Feel authoritative & take complete control over your investor's information by manually verifying them yourself. Shufti Pro will gather the investor's ID and business documents for you and store them in the back office


Ensure legit investor onboarding
with Global Trust Platform

Determine the true identities of your investors, authenticate their business documents and detect the potential risk of crime they possess prior to onboarding them

High assurance identification


Our highly experienced compliance experts having expertise in diverse industries, cross-checks the KYI outcomes to provide you with the most reliable results

Risk-free investor onboarding

Swift & Reliable

Onboard legit investors remotely and overcome the chance of non-compliance penalties while restricting bogus investors with industry-grade KYI solution

No need to hire KYI experts

Instant MLROs

Avoid the hassle of onboarding compliance or a money laundering reporting officer. Shufti Pro’s highly qualified MLROs got you covered

Powerful & Innovative Compliance
Platform Helping You Verify
Investors Remotely

Ensure you never regret taking money from your investors. Our expert MLROs collects and verify your investors’ documents based on your region’s legal & compliance requirements before getting them on board

Investors Shufti Pro Verify

Business shareholders and UBOs

Company Directors

High-net worth individuals

High Net Worth Individuals

High Net Worth Individuals

Private Equity

Company directors

Strategic Corporate Business

Private equity

Documents Shufti Pro verify

Articles of association

Registers Of Directors

Proof of address

Certificate of Incorporation

Credit reports

Articles of Association

Signed and dated
ownership structure

Bank Statement

ID document

Bank Details

Registers of directors

Proof Of Address

Bank statement

ID Document

Registers of shareholders

ID Document

Certificate of Incorporation

ID Document

Bank details

ID Document

Source of funds/wealth

Fight Fraud with best-in Class KYI Verification services

Documents Required for the UK

Several vital documents are typically required to verify an investor's identity and accreditation status. These include:

  • 1   Government-issued ID
  • 2   Proof of income or net worth
  • 3   Self-certification form
  • 4   Know Your Customer (KYC) form
  • 5   AML (Anti-Money Laundering) documentation
  • 6   PEP (Politically Exposed Person) check

Documents Required for the USA

To verify an investor's identity and accreditation status in the United States may vary depending on the context of the investment and the applicable regulations. These include:

  • 1   Government-issued ID Documents
  • 2   Proof of income or net worth
  • 3   Accreditation verification form
  • 4   W-9 form
  • 5   KYC/AML documentation
  • 6   Investment Advisor Registration Documents

Shufti Pro’s KYI Solution Use Cases

Helping Global Industries Balance Customer Experience, Compliance & Fraud Prevention


Investment firms

Ensure that the investor is legit & suitable for making an investment in your products or services while making onboarding procedure seamless



Verify new account holders' identities and assess their risk of money laundering or terrorist financing while meeting compliance at a glance


Hedge funds and private equity

Detect and deter the risk of money laundering while onboarding new investors by validating their identities through rigid KYI checks


Crowdfunding platforms

Determine the source of funding and deter the risk of money laundering in real-time to overcome the risk of non-compliance fines


Cryptocurrency exchanges

Verify new investors' identities and their assets while assessing the risk of money laundering or terrorist financing they possess in real-time


Real estate firms

Protect your real-estate businesses from money laundering and non-compliance fine while ensuring legit onboarding investors in real-time

Why choose Shufti Pro's KYI Service?



Rigid KYI checks, further authenticated by MLROs ensure robust, reliable, and real-time investor onboarding



Licensed MLROs bound by professional ethical codes maintain your investor's data confidentiality



GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant solutions to protect investors' data and privacy

Explore Shufti Pro’s IDV Suite


Facial biometric authentication

Verify your customers' unique
traits in real time


Know Your Customer

Conduct comprehensive
KYC verification


Know Your Business

Verify the authenticity
of a business entity


Document authentication

Verify the authenticity of your
customers’ identity


AML Screening

Screen customers against
sanctions lists


OCR for Businesses

Extract data from documents
in any language