Integrate with Shufti Pro and Confirm your Customer's Identity in Real Time

Custom Built Mobile SDKs

Shufti Pro’s Mobile SDKs provide a developer-friendly interface that verifies users quickly, all while ensuring full compliance with evolving KYC and AML regulations.

Our custom-built mobile SDKs are powered with AI, Biometric, and NFC technologies that can be integrated into your mobile applications, with all data transferred through API. Once up and running, the SDK quickly collects all necessary user information to provide customer verification results in a matter of seconds.

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Shufti Pro SDKs

Choose from a complete set of integration options according to your technical requirements.

. e-IDV for Banking


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. e-IDV for Insurance


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. e-IDV for Healthcare


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. e-IDV for Fintechs

React Native

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SDK Overview

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Why use Shufti Pro

Verify Within Seconds

Swiftly Onboard Customers in Real Time

Verifies customer identities in mere seconds with an unmatched accuracy of 99% while providing definitive answers without any obstacles between customers and businesses.

  • Selfie-based identity verification within seconds
  • Real-time Fast-track customer onboarding
  • Customer Retention
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Fastest with unmatched accuracy of 98.67%
  • Less time, more verifications
  • Less use of resources


Multi-Platform Integration for Seamless Onboarding

Integrate an efficient onboarding system without worry and reach your customers in real-time. We ensure that your developers can do their job without breaking a sweat by availing plug-and-play SDKs.

  • Easiest integration guide among competitors
  • Assistance from our developers on request
  • Integration Videos & more
  • Proper Changelog
  • Cross-Platform support
  • Detailed callback information

Lightweight SDKs

Systematically Designed to Meet Your Hardware Requirements

Providing Lightweight SDKs to ensure you can use them without worrying about applications eating up too much memory or running slowly while increasing your employees' productivity.

  • Smallest sdk size among competitors
  • Smooth App functions
  • Optimized CPU, data & battery consumption
  • User-friendly design boosting user experience
  • Effective use of resources
  • Free of errors
  • Integration without worries of memory consumption

Customizable SDK

Personalise IDV Flow to Maximise Conversions

Offering tailored identity verification services according to their needs. You can change various visual and flow-related aspects of the SDK simply by altering the config and requesting object keys.

  • Tailored User experience
  • DYI (Do It Yourself) experience
  • Customized SDK journey
  • Customizable Text Colors
  • Customizable Icon Colors
  • Personalize strings yourself

Multilingual Support

Global Support with 150+ Languages at Zero Cost

Supports multiple languages so that you can avail a personalised experience. We are the only identity verification service provider providing worldwide language support without charging any extra fee.

  • Built for everyone
  • Same cost for all languages
  • Support in 150+ languages
  • Targeting global audience
  • Same processing time for all languages
  • No hidden charges
  • Available in 230+ countries & territories

Real-Time Error Detection

Effectively Deter Risk of Crime with IDV Checks

Fight fraud and detect crimes in real-time while eliminating image-capturing errors (such as blur, glare, incomplete document, or incomplete face in image) to improve conversion rates and quick turnaround times.

  • Error elimination in real-time
  • More secured Verification process
  • Faster Onboarding
  • Error free user experience
  • Quick & Instructive
  • Less user mistakes
  • Boost in conversion rate

Auto-Capture Feature

Enhance Customer Experience with Touchless Verification

Offering auto-capture features to enhance face verification and document screening solutions further while helping you reduce manual effort, promoting more secure mobile onboarding and boosting conversion rates.

  • Higher User retention
  • Frictionless journey
  • Reduced Manual Effort
  • Real-time error detection
  • Faster Biometric Verification
  • Advanced user-experience
  • Capture face & Documents automatically

NFC-Based Verification

Leveraging NFC Technology for Instant Verification

Using the NFC capability of a smartphone to read the user's data from biometric identity documents and validate a user while ensuring reliable verification results.

  • Provide face, personal & document data
  • More discrete, less emission of private data
  • Intuitive & sure way
  • More secure
  • No manual entry
  • Quick & contactless communication
  • Verification process made frictionless

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