According to a survey report from PwC in 2016, security incidents within the corporate sector rose by almost 33% and in response to the annual budget of the companies to secure their confidential data also went up. Some organizations simply cannot tolerate the interference of unknown individuals due to high risk data sensitive information within the company. Keeping in mind the modern day situation, corporate sector is in dire need of an intelligent solution that can take care of their visitor management system.

Over the past few years, fraudsters have mostly target intellectual property of the companies. Considering such threats, corporate sector need to deploy a system that can over-run these security breaches. Currently, 91% of the businesses have already embraced their operational models with some advanced identity verification techniques but there are still a lot of companies who have not embed any intelligent systems.

The Solution

The best possible solution for the corporate and government sector is to make use of a digital identity verification solution that can help them reduce security threats. This can be simple done by integrating the application at the front desk of the building or office where each employee can show his/her ID and verify the identity thoroughly. With the use of digital identity verification application, the risks involved can be decreased majorly. If they integrate a digital verification system of Shufti Pro into their systems, not only will it save their crucial time but also help them get rid of carbon based storage. Accepting Shufti Pro into their system means no manual and no paper work. The chances of data lose will be reduced to it minimum. By verifying the identity of the customers digitally within few seconds, businesses can make sure that their intellectual property is safe. They will also be able to manage their employees’ records digitally. Shufti Pro provides real-time verification process with no extra hassle of integration plug-ins. It’s time and cost efficient.

By integrating Shufti Pro means no more long queues at the reception desk of the companies. The complete registration process can be streamlined by integrating it with our digital identity verification system. The video stream of the verification can also be accessed by the clients from the back-office to make sure no security breach happens for evidence and future precaution purposes.