What is Biometric Consent Authentication?

What is Biometric Consent Authentication?

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Biometric Consent Authentication is a modernistic approach to counter the increasing number of identity theft attempts that are designed to trick ordinary methods of identity verification. It is a more detailed process that incorporates various other methods of verification as well and it is harder to beat for online identity thieves and users with fake credentials. All the shortcomings of a run-of-the-mill verification system are covered in Biometric consent verification service. Use cases are also

Biometric Consent – What does that mean?

The term is a mixture of two different forms of verification services offered by KYC industry. One is biometric verification that is offered mostly in the form of facial verification, and sometimes in the form of a fingerprint scan or iris scan but only for onsite verification. Consent verification is basically written agreement provided by a user to a company that their credentials can be verified but Shufit Pro has taken it a step further to verify the identity of a user or authenticate a digital process by showcasing a hand-written note or a customized document.

So, a biometric consent Verification from Shufti Pro will cover several different aspects of a person’s identity. It will ensure the physical presence of a user at the time of a verification and they will be required to showcase a handwritten note or a customized document. So it will be a combination of facial verification and document verification.

The Hidden Innovation

Shufti Pro has introduced a unique feature in the guise of Biometric consent verification i.e. Hand-written note verification. Shufti Pro customers can ask their users to show a note with a customized text that is unique to that particular customer or end-user. This will not only reduce the cases of facial spoof attacks but this verification service will enable registration of only authentic and reliable end-users.

In order to sweeten the pot a little more for its customer, Shufti Pro has integrated OCR technology with biometric consent authentication service. It means that any text that either is written on the hand-written note or on the customized document can easily be identified and verified by Shufti Pro on behalf of its customers. Broad language support and minimum time constraint for extracting text and verifying makes Biometric consent verification truly indispensable for every business around the globe. Interestingly, not a single cent is charged extra for OCR based data extractions by Shufti Pro at the moment.

Use Case for Biometric Consent

Almost all the industries and businesses that are in need of a reliable KYC verification system can use Biometric consent verification to achieve higher levels of trust with their customers. In just one instance, full identity verification can be performed with a combination of liveness detection, pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms validating facial verification, document verification and customized text displayed on a handwritten note.

It is perfect not only for one-time verification process at the time of customer registration but it is also an authentic source of providing frequent access to an otherwise restricted resource. Banks can use it to ascertain the nature of transactions being ordered to be performed by bank customers beyond a certain limit. E-commerce websites can ask retail buyers to show their face along with their credit card and a handwritten displaying time and date of placing an order. Address verification can be performed as well by freight delivery companies using biometric consent verification. Insurance claims can be processed at a swift pace by asking claimants to show their customized insurance files in front of their webcams along with the national identity cards.

Shufti Pro Service Highlights

Shufti Pro is not only offering an innovative and airtight verification service to its customers but this service comes with signature features of Shufti Pro that have enabled this AI startup to collect dozens of new customers from all over the globe in just over a year. Shufti Pro integrates effortlessly with pre-existing digital resources like mobile applications, web portals and online platforms with the help of its RestFul API and mobile SDKs developed for both Android as well as iOS. There are Android and iOS apps also available for verification.

Shufti Pro has a “Pay As You Go” pricing model that allows its customers to pay a one time set up fee and afterward, these customers just to pay for their verifications like a pre-paid phone connection. There is no minimum verification limit applicable on Shufti Pro customers. All of Shufti Pro verification services – including Biometric Consent verification – are available in 190+ countries and support 150+ official languages. Real-time verification results are not only displayed to the end-users but simultaneously uploaded in Shufti pro back office where Shufti Pro customers can also view Proof of verification analyze the number of verifications performed by their customers using Shufti Pro.

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