Cryptolocator Teams Up with Shufti Pro to Build a Sound KYC Structure

Cryptolocator Teams Up with Shufti Pro to Build a Sound KYC Structure

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Cryptolocator, a cryptocurrency Marketplace, has recently partnered with Shufti Pro to implement state of the art client authentication system.

Cryptolocator is an advanced P2P marketplace for buying, selling, and storing Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users can easily exchange the world’s two most popular cryptocurrencies in their multi-platform systems with traders around the world. Carrying out a robust and seamless due diligence process to register authentic buyers or sellers is imperative for such businesses. The need to integrate a reliable KYC and AML solution was the impetus for Cryptolocator to approach Shufti Pro.

Cryptlocator is a cryptocurrency marketplace with a mission to increase Ether’s availability, organize the trading process and make it secure. The platform brings together those who want to exchange cryptocurrency from all over the world with no limits.

The service gives an opportunity either to post advertisements, creating your own terms of exchange or just choose from a list of ready-to-make offers. Through Shufti Pro’s AI-driven verification software, they have been able to build a comprehensive KYC/AML structure for verification and authentication of users. 

Reflecting on the association between the two companies, Victor Fredung, CEO Shufti Pro said:

We are delighted by the fact that Cryptoloacator has trusted Shufti Pro to help meet with their customer identification requirements. Working with Cryptoloacator has proved to be a challenge as well as a growth opportunity. Shufti Pro is focused on pushing the boundaries of providing the best KYC and AML services through a combination tech of AI and HI (Human Intelligence). We aim to provide quality services to our clients and keep them satisfied by offering them valuable support.”

Kirill Stepanenko, Chief Marketing Officer of Cryptolocator said:

 “KYC and AML solutions are becoming a standard for legal cryptocurrency projects. We’ve been looking for an identification service which will make our KYC-process native and simple for our users, but powerful and safe for our platform. Shufti Pro is what exactly meets our needs! Our users easily go through the frictionless experience and get the verification done in less than 30-60 seconds! Moreover, Shufti Pro has a very impressive dashboard that is easy to use for even non-IT people, like our AML-officer. Shufti Pro API is also easy to integrate with our platform code. 

Cryptlocator brings together those who want to exchange cryptocurrency from all over the world without limits. Because of the peer-to-peer approach, it is possible to trade fast and directly. Unlike some centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, you make a trade directly with another person. This makes the process lean and fast. Because of Shufti Pro, Cryptolocator can verify the identity of users in real-time. Shufti Pro provides next-generation end-to-end Identity Verification services. It’s a SaaS product offering KYC verification as its basic feature. It was developed to address the gap between quality and availability thus providing the best service to their clients.

About Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro was launched in 2017, London, UK, to provide end-to-end identity verification services. The SaaS provider has offices in the UK, Latvia, Cyprus, and Sweden, and provides document verification, KYC/AML screening, geolocation verification, face verification, and 2-factor authentication to a global clientele. Using a hybrid of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HI (Human Intelligence), it can verify seven billion people on earth. It delivers results in 30-60 seconds with an impressive 98.67% accuracy.

You can visit Shufti Pro here:

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Ariel Way, London, W12 7FD

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