Face Verification Technology Grooving in the Education Sector

Face Verification Technology Grooving in the Education Sector

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We are now in a golden age of face recognition. The main reason for rapid adoption is recognition accuracy has improved astronomically in recent years with 20 times better accuracy from 2014 to 2018. Face recognition technology is being employed almost in every sector not only for security purposes but this technology is molding the ways we perform work. 

Face verification is one of the most common and low budget methods to perform biometric authentication. It is creeping in almost all business sectors. People on one side enjoy how it has eased their lives, on the other hand, they have concerns about their data being misused. Though this debate goes, a necessary tool to combat crime or an unlawful breach of privacy, this technology is being widely adopted in many sectors and education is one of them.

Wonders of Face Verification In Education Sector

 Face verification can be of great help in the education sector from assisting the online admission process to provide a secure environment in schools. The technology is enhancing many sectors and education is one of them. Following are some ways in which this technology is reshaping education sector:

Behaviour Analysis Of Students In Classrooms

Face Verification System can be used to judge students’ acceptance in the classroom. It tracks facial expressions and analyzes it. Such systems can be employed to observe perfectly when students are attentive or distracted. By capturing a student’s facial expression it becomes easy for faculty to know how much understanding a student had during the class.

This could go beyond facial expressions to analyze reactions to various topics at various points in a lecture. A student raising his eyebrows at the mention of a new word could depict confusion. Without the artificial intelligence system, lecturers would be incapable of understanding such expressions as its almost impossible to read faces of all the students in the class.

Such a system helps the lecturer with the necessary information they need to gauge the points during the lecture in which attention distracted or waned hence enhancing the learning experience. Computer vision experts have identified the benefits that facial recognition and behavioral analysis systems would bring to the educational system that is why they have begun to develop and install such systems already.

Provides Intelligent Access

Applied to the library, dormitory, labs, etc., to improve traffic efficiency as well as protect students’ safety. It also helps to restrict access to unauthorized persons in these areas. It will help in identifying a person or student doing something wrong on the premises and will help in restricting their entrance. 

Validation of Student’s Identity For e-Learning Program

     Facial identity verification can verify students’ identify more intelligently. Online face verification services are a great help for student’s identification before enrolling them for e-learning programs or online courses. By using the 3D liveness detection feature of this technology risk of identity theft and online scams can be eliminated. It can be used instantly to validate individual identity to mitigate any risks. This can also be used in schools to check that individuals present inside the premises are students of the school or members of the faculty or staff. 

To Eliminate Identity Risk

   Online face verification technology can be used for identity verification at the time of enrolling students so that no student with a database of the potential threat is admitted. For instance, individuals who pose a threat may include: 

  • Expelled students from other school or college 
  • The student who are local drug dealers 
  • Gang members (non-students) with a history of trespassing on school grounds 
  • People who have threatened a school or college

Protect School Premises On Events

      Video surveillance using facial recognition can help ensure that all school events are safe. This technology can help event security personnel do a better job of ensuring the safety of events by restricting the entry of banned persons. Likewise, face authentication technology can be used to instantly recognize potential stalkers, violent criminals and individuals on terror watchlists.  

Face verification can keep schools safer by providing a multi-layer of protection. This technology has made ease for security professionals to gain valuable data, that may even save lives, in real-time. Face identification apps can be used by parents for video surveillance so that they can see a child’s activity anytime anywhere. 

Ensuring Security & Safety

      In the wake of increased school shootings, Facial Recognition Systems can be used to buff up security systems. With increasing concerns for security in schools, these systems can help prevent suspicious people from gaining entering into the school and getting students picked up by pre-authorized guardians and parents.

Security can be alerted whenever the presence of any suspicious individual is captured by the system. Access to this information in real-time because of facial authentication technology can help to secure school grounds and proactively preventing drastic incidents.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy is often the raised concern when talking about face recognition technology and this issue can never be dismissed. Objections are mostly based on the collection and distribution of the photos. All schools are taking pictures of students already to maintain a record and they have strict control over the distribution or misuse of these photos. This technology has only digitized the whole process. It’s now the computer that recognizes the student and verifies his documents instead of manually doing it by staff. Concerns over implementation and privacy related to this technology may slow down adaptation in some areas but the tide has already come in and is changing every sector across the globe.