Digital Document Verification Giving Wing to Recruitment Sites

Digital Document Verification Giving Wing to Recruitment Sites

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Document Verification: In an industry that’s all about people, it’s critical that you know that a candidate is who they say they are. Most recruitment business will have a process in place for making identity checks, but a manual process is time-consuming and inconsistent.

Job seeking is an uphill task, recruitment sites are on a mission to reshape the employment market by connecting local companies with local job seekers in an instant with their smartphone. User identification is one of the major requirements for such an employment platform in order to fend off scammers and fraudsters. Carrying out a robust and seamless due diligence process to register authentic users is imperative for such business. 

Following are the reasons why an ID scanning system should be used by recruitment business to gain benefits:

Be Confident in Audit

With electronic identity verification in place that stores copies of the identity document checks, date and time-stamped with a record of who made the check, making the agency always prepared for an audit – be that from an external company, a client or even immigration enforcement. So it makes the agency prepared beforehand saving a lot of time and effort.

Deter Fraud

Almost every business online is a center of attraction for cybercriminals. These criminals are paving ways for frauds like identity theft and other digital scams. Verifying documents online of job seekers not only decreases the frauds but also helps in combating them. When a job seeker uploads his document, at that very moment, documents are verified and only authentic document are kept for further sending to different organizations rest are discarded. Candidates may present fake or forged documents just to get hired. These may include, the depiction of fake certifications, when in reality, they may not even be half as qualified. To fight back these issues, digital identity verification becomes plays a vital role, so the identity and the documents presented by the candidates may be verified using these authentic digital techniques. 

Increased Security

It is more important than ever to verify the documents of job seekers due to an increased risk of terrorist funding. Identity solutions are essential to instantly verify the document of visitors in real-time and easily, making both job seekers and companies providing the job feel safer. 

Better Relationship

         Online document verification eliminates the annoying pile of paperwork making the business one step ahead and more customer-friendly. Job seekers will appreciate your attention to safeguarding their identity, building rapport, and brand loyalty.

Ensure Greater Accuracy

  Flaws and errors are always expected while taking user information manually. At times customer mistypes information. Handwritten can even be difficult to read leading to data entry errors. Online document verification eliminates all these possibilities and streamlines the process as according to that provided information online job providing platform haunts the best possible jobs for you matching your skills.


In any business, deadlines are tight and meeting margins matters a lot. So any possible way that saves time is very important. Manual document checking is laborious and slow, it requires a member of staff to carefully checking all documents. But online document verification system will be able to process the documents in no time. It also removes the need to photocopy files for future audits. It saves time that you could be spending doing something else of value to your business.

Introduce Consistency

A manual work check will only be as good as a person making it. The human element can lead to an inconsistent decision or even unconscious bias towards certain candidates. In real it is always very difficult to train all the staff to document experts and to keep up to date with the ever-changing document catalog during identity checks. With an online ID verification system, you need to train your staff for all this. 

Protection Of Business

Placing a candidate who is using illegal documents and who is found to have no right to work could have serious damage to the brand and reputation as well as the risk of being fined.

Stand Strong in Competitive World

If the agency publicizes their use of electronic verification systems to help with ID scans, that gives client confidence and peace of mind that all the candidates have been verified consistently and are who they say they are. Many of customers widely communicate their use of ID verification technology, both to highlight the technology as a competitive strength against other agencies and also to deter anyone who may consider applying for roles using fraudulent documentation.

Ensuring Right Jobs For Right Candidate

ID verification, in this case, provides a filter. The real applicants having authenticated documents can be provided with the platforms to link with good companies to get recruited at. This on one hand filtrates the documents while on the other hand increases the rating of the recruitment site as it will be dealing with only real ones and not the scammers.

   As recruitment sites use the most advanced and transformative technological systems, it can quickly morph the world of work into a digitally designated algorithm that matches employees with multiple job seekers across numerous job sectors. Simply, this indicates that in a matter of seconds, such sites can match specific workers. Verily reliable document proofing is of great help in this regard.