Vconnect to verify new businesses on its platform via Shufti Pro

Vconnect to verify new businesses on its platform via Shufti Pro

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BATH, UK – (October 8th, 2018) Vconnect, an online marketplace to connect businesses and consumers, will be verifying new businesses on their platform with the help of identity verification services of Shufti Pro. Vconnect will also be using Hosted Verification Page – also known as HVP – feature from Shufti Pro to perform KYC verification of new businesses applying for listing on their website. Shufti Pro offers AI based identity verification services to its clients, with verification results further corroborated by Human Intelligence.

Vconnect is an SME-tech startup based in Lagos, Nigeria. With features like “request a quote”, “message the business”, reviews, photo uploading and business listing, Vconnect creates a virtual connection among businesses and consumers searching for any kind of business or service from the comfort of their home. With a focus to build a relation of trust with their consumers and to safeguard these users from fraudulent business entities, Vconnect wanted to engage a truly innovative identity verification service. They wanted to make sure that businesses and services provider signing up on their platform, must be reliable and should have genuine credentials.

   Shufti Pro was selected by Vconnect for a variety of reasons but the option of Hosted Verification Page stood out especially for the Nigerian startup. It promised greater control of KYC verification to Vconnect and they were able to decide what kind of information was collected to perform a KYC verification. It also allowed for more seamless experience for businesses registering on to their platform. Talking about the collaboration between the two companies, CEO of Shufti Pro, Mr. Victor Fredung said that:

Usually we have customers that want to perform KYC verification for a global clientele but Vconnect wanted to verify local businesses. We were really excited to work with the team of Vconnect, given the kind of repute this startup has generated for itself on the regional and international level, despite having a business model that primarily caters to a local user base.

Commenting on the option of HVP opted by Vconnect, Mr. Fredung said that

We are the only identity verification service provider in the world offering this feature. Our tech team worked closely with Vconnect executives and made sure that each of their requirement is fulfilled in the designing of HVP. Support for both backend and frontend development of HVP was coordinated with Vconnect and we are sure that service delivery standards of Vconnect will surely get a huge boost because of HVP option from Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro offers proof of verification in its back office that will enable Vconnect to receive real-time analytics about the status of verifications being performed prior to business registration. Video and pictorial evidence will give an appropriate idea to Vconnect why a potential business was verified or even declined to be verified by Shufti Pro.

About Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is an emerging name in ID verification services. The goal of the company is to enable its clients with seamless customer experience, fraud prevention and undeterred revenue generation. The company offers state of the art SaaS, which engages Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence to provide ID verification services. Businesses can now conduct easy digital verification processes with lesser friction and more advanced technology. Currently offering its services for all countries of the world along with Universal Language Support, the company is located in the United Kingdom with its global office in Sweden.

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About Vconnect

A Lagos-based homegrown SME-tech startup that is transforming how businesses access their markets and how customers find and engage with local businesses. Vconnect connects people with local businesses by bringing ‘word of mouth’ online and providing a platform for businesses and consumers to engage and transact.

Vconnect also provides businesses of all sizes in Nigeria with a range of free and paid services that help them engage with consumers and build loyalty.