License Verification for Online Transport Services

License Verification for Online Transport Services

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License Verification for Online Transport Services

The world of transport services has dramatically changed in the past decade. There used to be government provided public transport and companies that ran taxi services, but the era of the smartphone and the Internet has changed the face of transport. Any individual can now opt to be a driver and offer transport services through organisations such as Uber, Lyft, Careem, etc. This has made the whole transport business more complicated. In the old days the government and taxi companies usually carried out intensive background checks and license verification in person when they hired a driver. Although the process was not completely foolproof, it still had a low fraud rate. With these virtual taxi services that run on apps utilising the power of the Internet, the whole process is done online. The online registration process has opened up a Pandora’s Box of problems since there isn’t any deterrent for business fraud prevention. Meaning unless there is a proper verification service involved, things can turn bad. We will look at the problems and their consequences associated with the online transportation service. We will also discuss how 3rd-party verifiers can help these problems and what to look for when searching for an ID verifying company.

The License Verification Dilemma

As mentioned when everything is done online, you really cannot verify if what the person is saying is true. We will elaborate this problem with an example, supposing that I don’t have a driver’s license or it has been revoked. Yet I wish to take advantage of this online opportunity to sign up as a driver and make money. I can give details belonging to someone else to register myself and the company would be none the wiser. As there are no physical checks as such. The only way they would find out is when I get caught by law enforcement officials when I get pulled over.  This would get the driver in trouble but more so it will give the company that hired the driver a bad reputation.

Scenarios Related to Lack of Verification

To stress the severity of this issue, we will look at some of the problems that can result of the lack of verification. Let’s take our previous example in to consideration, the driver has a serious medical condition that renders him a danger to other drivers and people. The medical condition was the reason of his license getting revoked. In this case, getting pulled over for a small traffic violation is one thing, but causing harm or even death to another individual is a terrifying thought but one that could happen. Criminal activities is another plausible scenario; a driver who has false credentials can easily get away with some crime as well. Knowing that the information he has registered with is not traceable to him. The scenarios mentioned above will portray an extremely negative image of the company that hired the individual.

The problems do not end their, business fraud can also occur. The actual driver can send someone else in their place without the company ever finding out. Since there is no check when the driver initiates the app or software anybody can use the online transportation account. With no business fraud prevention system the register driver can cheat the company. 

License verification and Business Fraud Prevention

Having mentioned all the terrifying scenarios that can occur one would think that is there any hope? The fact is that the occurrence of such issues is quite less, but all it takes is one instance to cause harm to the repute of the business. Business fraud prevention and license verification can be done online as well. When problems arise people start looking for solutions to those problems. The same goes for online verifications, here third-party online verifiers play an integral role. These verification service providers have advanced systems that can weed out any foul play in documents as well as during live verifications. They also provide proof of the verification via pictures or a video in case of a live verification session. With the implementation of such a system, the chances of online fraud drop considerably. As anyone with an intent to carry out any type of business fraud would be deterred the moment they are asked to come in front of the camera.

Features of a Good Verification Service Provider

We’ll take a look at the factors that one should look for when choosing a good Online ID verifier. Most of the online verification service providers have at the backend an advanced AI system that flags any tampering of official documents and pictures. The best option is to go for a verifier that offers a hybrid system that includes both an advanced AI and HI (Human Intelligence). In this system live people check the AI’s result for false positives.

Anybody in the services industry knows that time is of the essence. People in general, don’t like long complicated procedures; the best providers offer verification times that are in the seconds. They have concise and easy-to-follow instructions.

For the sake of convenience depending on industry and customer type good ID verifiers offer the convenience of both online (live) verifications and offline verifications. This allows the user to submit documents that are also verified within seconds. An additional feature of live verifications is that a recording or pictures of the person actually holding up and showing their documents as well as their own picture in real time.

A very important feature to look out for is the company you are taking on must be compliant with the latest requirements in the industry. As non-compliance can result in heavy fines for you and for the company in concern.

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