Why age verification matters to online businesses?

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Identity verification services are fast becoming a business norm for companies that are enthusiastic about cutting down on losses originating from online frauds and identity thefts. But not all KYC verification is performed to cut down on losses. Sometimes, companies use KYC services like Age verification in order to ascertain the age brackets in which a particular user falls in. Now the benefits of using Age verification services from a reliable KYC provider vary from company to company. But before we discuss why you might be in need of Age verification, it is important that you are briefed about age verification and how it is performed by top identity verification services around the globe.

Age verification services

As the name suggests, Age verification is performed to check for the age of a user or a potential customer. Usually, a customer provides a tentative age or maybe their date of birth while signing up for a service or registering with an online business. While a basic KYC system will be checking for facial verification and authenticity of the identity document provided by an end-user, an advanced KYC software will also check for the age of a user to make sure that the age bracket or the date of birth provided by the user is valid.

How Age verification is performed?

Like an ordinary date of birth verification, age verification is also performed with the help of an official identity document. It is important to check the authenticity of an official document before it is used to ascertain the age of a user. Most of the time, a company that wants to perform age verification for its users, also provides an age bracket or an age limit to KYC provider. At the start of the age verification, a user is asked to tell their age by the automated system. Afterward, a separate screen is displayed, instructing the user to show an authentic identity document with their date of birth clearly mentioned on it. Identity verification system cross-checks the date of birth with the provided date and then performs age verification by checking that whether a user falls in a particular age bracket or not, or that the user is within the prescribed age limit or not.

You might think that why a company would require to perform Lifetime Analysis for its users if they have already validated the date of birth of a user. Valid Question! here is your answer. In a typical date of birth verification service, an identity verification system only checks that the date of birth provided by a user is also mentioned on the official identity document. Age verification goes a step further from that. It not only checks the date of birth from an authentic identity document, but this service also makes sure that a user falls into a particular age bracket.

Why Age verification is performed?

Age verification can be performed for a number of reasons and it all depends on the business model of the company that wants to utilize this kind of verification service. A social networking website specifically designed for teens can use age verification to avoid users that don’t fall in the age limit of 13-19. Banks or insurance services can use age verification services to allow users to sign-up for age-specific services e.g. retirement fund registration, old age health care plans and many more similar packages.

Age verification can also come handy for businesses that want to only register or sell services to a specific category of users to avoid encountering online trolls and unnecessary user traffic. This kind of identity verification feature is also perfect for companies that don’t want to actually stop people of a certain age from signing up for their services but that want to bracket their users in specific age groups for the purpose of analysis and customer behavior studies.  

Services from Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is an AI-based identity verification system that also offers age verification service to its customers. With an ability to verify identity documents from every country of the globe and with the added bonus of Universal Language Support, Shufti Pro becomes the perfect choice for companies with a worldwide presence. Real-time verification results are provided to Shufti Pro customers with proof of verification available 24 hours to our clients in Shufti Pro back office.

With “Pay As You Go” pricing feature, you will only be required to pay for the verifications that you perform without being bound to any monthly limit of minimum verifications. Our customer support is totally free of cost while our RestFull API makes integration process entirely hassle-free for our customers. In case you need, our technical team will be more than happy to address any of your concerns about any integration related problem or functioning of age verification module.

Not a single second will be wasted in downtime if you decide to integrate Age verification module of Shufti Pro with your online services. If you combine document verification with age verification, Shufti Pro’s hybrid technology of Artificial and Human Intelligence will ensure that only verified and authentic identity documents are used by your future potential user base to perform Age verification. So your journey to build a reliable customer base starts with the top of the line verification services from Shufti Pro.