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      The Fastest Online Identity Verification Service, Shufti Pro, is Proud to Offer KYC Services in the United Kingdom

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      Under the Guidelines of FATF, as well as ESAAMLG and OFAC for

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      Shufti Pro gives you all the tools to verify and onboard new users faster with real-time KYC for UK.

      UK Passport


      We verify all 3 types of UK Passports issued
      by the HM Passport Office (HMPO):

      1. Passport (The UK and Northern Ireland)
      2. Passport (British Islands Bailiwick Of Jersey)
      3. Passport (British Islands Isle Of Man)

      Businesses can use it for CDD in UK.

      For Passport Verification, Shufti Pro:

      • Matches name, DOB and expiry date with MRZ
      • Detects fakeness through font, holograms
      • Checks for accuracy of format
      • Detects crumpled / folded edges
      • Identifies photoshopped / tampered / forged image
      • Verifies hologram / rainbow print
      • Checks blurriness / exposure
      UK Driving license

      Driving License

      We check the originality of a driving license issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and verify licenses from all the cities of the UK.

      For Driving License Verification, Shufti Pro:

      • Checks for accuracy of format
      • Detects crumpled / folded edges