Mobile Based Two-Factor Authentication In Real-Time

Why Shufti Pro’s 2-Factor Authentication?

Passwords alone are not enough to stop sophisticated frauds. About 80% of hacking-related breaches are still tied to weak passwords.

As a solid layer of security, Shufti Pro offers two-step authentication. Here’s what you can avail:

  • Quick and smooth customer onboarding within 5 seconds
  • Identity fraud prevention and financial loss mitigation for end-user accounts
  • Global network coverage to make remote user authentication possible 
  • Decreased reliance on traditional single layer security methods
  • Authorised customer account access to keep sensitive information safe
  • Trusted long-term relations and increased convenience for satisfied customers

Understanding two-step verification as a security layer

Mobile Verification Icon

End-user chooses personalized code or an auto-generated code for authentication at each log-in attempt

FA Verification Image

End-user is prompted to enter the authentication code as a 2nd authentication factor at log-in

Factor Verification

Shufti Pro’s 2FA solution matches the code and completes user verification with high accuracy within 5 seconds

Verification proof and details are sent to the client via API and can also be accessed in the back-office

Verification proof and details are sent to the client via API and can also be accessed in the back-office

Empower business protection with multi-factor authentication

With its 2FA solution, Shufti Pro equips businesses with high-security controls and prevents proliferation of identity theft and data breaches resulting from weak passwords.

Simplified Authentication

Simplified Authentication

Verify customers and avail multi-layered security within 5 seconds

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Avoid phishing attacks and malware activity with a strong security hold


Global Coverage

Enable two step authentication for global customers in 230+ countries & territories

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Quick Integration

Auto code generator facility, for easy API integration with online platforms

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