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Fraud Prevention, AML, and KYC Services
Identify dynamic opportunities with identity verification solutions that synergise human and artificial intelligence.

Trusted RegTech Solution

Trusted by PCI DSS
Trusted by GDPR
Id Verification

Know Your Customer in 30 Seconds

Know Your Customer in 30 Seconds
AML Screening
AML Screening

AML Screening

Biometric Authentication

Facial Biometric Authentication

Biometric signup, login and transaction approval
Face verification and liveness detection to fight facial spoof attacks
OCR technology and fusion of AI and HI to maintain high accuracy
Biometric Authentication
Video KYC
Video KYC

Video Interview KYC

Expert-assisted customer onboarding

KYC expert’s live assistance
Live online ID verification
AML Screening

Know your business in 2 seconds

Comprehensive KYB solution

KYB services in 100 countries
Business data of 200 million companies
Coverage of 140 jurisdictions
Know your business in 2 seconds

Fast and Easy Developer Options to Integrate
Shufti Pro with any Platform

Restful API, and SDKs

Demo App

Auto Code Generator

Shufti Pro’s latest feature helps developers integrate its API in
any platform and any language in a matter of minutes.



Clear picture of data processing in transparent Privacy Policy
Consent Management as per Article 7 GDPR
Flexible API/SDK for customised verification flow to address all regulations (FINTRAC, FCA, MAS)
GDPR compliant protocols for the access, retention, and removal of user and customer data
Tailored approach to incorporate FATF's AML/CTF recommendations
Personal Data Security as per Article 5 and 32 GDPR


SHA256-bit encryption on all devices for client data
ISO-27001 certified Dedicated Servers within the EEA zone
PAN Masking based on PCI DSS 3.3 standard compliance
Bureau Veritas Holding SAS certified IT Infrastructure
Strong implementation of Brute-force Attack
Strict firewalls, and authorised account levels
Industry best SSL standards to secure flow and storage of all PII data

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