AML Screening

Automated AML

AML Screening

Automated AML

AML compliance services from Shufti Pro help businesses to identify high risk-bearing clients. Improving client onboarding with faster PEPs screening and real-time sanction list monitoring.

Eliminate risk with PEPs, & Sanctions Screening.

What makes Shufti Pro AML Compliance stand out

With 1700+ data sources analysed consisting of FATF, UN HMT, Interpol & more, Shufti Pro's AML data is updated every 15 minutes

API Empowered AML Screening

Screening is done via API against global watchlists.

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Global Coverage

Anti Money Laundering services are globally supported

AML/KYC Screening Proof

Complete screening proof is provided to the client


Global Compliance

PCI compliant, Cyber Essentials certified, Compliant with GDPR

A single seamless API integration

The solution leverages Big Data, and Machine Learning.

Here’s how it works:

Simply send data to Shufti pro via an API or upload to our back-office. We will send results via and API call as well as display them in the back-office

Get Results within a Second

Shufti Pro’s AML engine works intelligently to

reduce False Positives

The Anti Money Laundering Software leverages big data and hybrid technology for seamless KYC and AML screening.

Global AML screening in Real Time enabling organizations to vet the financial risk attached to their incoming customers and the funds that they are bringing in.

FATF defined Risk Analysis provides protection with regards to PEP Compliance.



Screen incoming end-users against:
OFAC issued standardised Global Sanction Lists
Updated media coverage, news, and reports



1700+ Government Criminal and Wanted Watch Lists
Fitness & Probity and at-Risk Individuals covered by Law Enforcement



A global database under FATF guidelines
PEP risk scoring on basis of connection, close relatives and media

Seamless API integration

API directly collects information (Name, DOB etc) from the end-user or the client collects it and passes it to Shufti Pro AML compliance software. Real time results are displayed to the end-user and updated in the Shufti Pro Back Office.

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Simply send data to Shufti Pro via an API or upload to our Backoffice.

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Implement an AML risk screening process which best suits your
organizational requirements

Verify and Screen

Perform due diligence on clients with comprehensive KYC and AML compliance within a single request. Digitize your infrastructure to automate KYC/AML screening

Batch screening

Run your existing clientele credentials from Shufti Pro’s exceptional AML software. Reduces your fraud risk to zero with exceptional Anti Money Laundering screening.

Ongoing AML Checks

Certain long-term business relations highly risk-oriented, based on the client profile. Assign these clients an “On-Alert” status to receive alerts based on the changes in the credibility of those customers.

AML Screening of Businesses

Every business has an identity, we verify it for you…

Erase the ambiguity in your business relations (partnerships, B2B, Affiliations, etc.) with a quick AML screening of companies related to you. Shufti Pro will verify if the business is in a blacklist or a grey list. We will help you attain a proactive risk cover by mapping the risk associated with any business entity. Eliminate the risk of penalties, financial loss, and fraud in real-time through in-depth AML screening of your prospect.

Our sanctions, Criminals, and PEPs screening is assisted by
exhaustive data categorized as:



Asia pacific


Middle East

Latin America


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United States




and +100 more



European Union

United Nations

HM Treasury


and more

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Shufti Pro AML Compliance is a Perfect Solution for Your Business

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