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Are you doing business with a trusted entity?

Screen against PEPs, Sanctions, Watchlists and monitor adverse media with Shufti Pro's AML compliance solution for business. Know your vendor, trader or supplier with our easy-to-integrate API

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Experience Global coverage through our AML compliance solutions for Businesses

  • Screen against 1700+ data sources
    from FATF, Interpol, UN HMT and more
  • Comprehensive screening solutions
    covering sanctions, PEPs and adverse media
  • Watchlist databases updated
    every 15 minutes
  • Up to date risk insights with
    on-going AML for businesses
Global coverage

AML compliance
Onboarding Solutions

Real-time Risk Screening

Real-time Risk Screening

Sanction list monitoring and PEP
screening in seconds

Robust API Integration

Robust API Integration

Single API integration that makes it easy
for developers

Effortless AML Compliance

Effortless AML Compliance

Assistance in staying compliant with
global AML regulations for organisations

Ongoing AML Monitoring

Comprehensive Watchlist Management for Safe B2B Transactions

Watchlist Monitoring

Business ownerships measured with full international coverage against:

  • Global sanctions
  • PEP screening lists
  • Global watchlists data
  • Adverse media

Ongoing AML

Ongoing monitoring services identify new risks and changes in business status to provide:

  • Improved risk profiling
  • Updated risk status

Risk Management Insights
with Shufti Pro’s AML

Comprehensive watchlist monitoring
technology with high-security standards

Automated screening of businesses ensures reduced cost of
compliance for a competitive edge in the industry

Comprehensive watchlist monitoring

Better risk management and seamless
compliance in seconds

Shufti Pro’s API provides better segmentation and screening of
data, with respect to international watchlist sources. Rest
assured your business is performing risk profiling of entities related to you

Better risk management