AML – Prevent Money Laundering

Barrier Against Money Launderers

Prevent money laundering by screening against PEPs, sanctions,
adverse media, and fitness-probity using 1,700+ watchlists, ensuring stringent AML compliance.

  • Four-tier PEPs screening system
  • Add custom data sources for screening
  • Screen both customers and their close kin
  • Empower MLRO to effectively assess risks
  • Reduced false positives and Increased Accuracy
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Identify high-risk

Identify high-risk

Exhaustive AML Databases

Exhaustive AML

Automated user

Automated user

Prevent financial

Prevent financial

Shufti Pro's AML suite

Comprehensive AML suite for protection across all channels.

AML For Individuals

Screen your customers through Shufti Pro’s real-time AML screening solutions

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Batch screening

AML for business

Verify business entities and conduct background screening of ultimate beneficial owners UBO

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AML for business

Ongoing AML screening

Maintain updated risk profiles of your customers through ongoing AML screening

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Ongoing AML screening

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KYC & AML: Risk-Free Operations

Combine KYC and AML features to ensure a risk-free business environment,
preventing financial crimes and maintaining compliance

Customer Screening and Verification

Verify customer identity and conduct comprehensive background checks

  • Screen against 1700+ global watchlists, sanctions, and PEPs lists
  • Screen customers data using full or partial name matching
  • Identify customer risk factors with regularly updated database
  • Perform ongoing AML screening to flag existing high-risk customers

Business Screening and Verification

Conduct business checks to authenticate entities and validate beneficial owners.

  • Validate companies' official business registration numbers
  • Screen potential clients against 1700+ global AML watchlists
  • Conduct background checks of UBOs in real-time
  • Eliminate risks of non-compliance
    financial penalties

What makes shufti pro's
AML screening solution
stand out?

Know the risks associated with customers to protect your business from
AML compliance fines


Interactive user interface


Screening within seconds


Access to 1700+ datasets


Enhanced data security


Proof of screening


Fully automated monitoring

How it Works

Shufti Pro encompasses two ways to screen your customers. Simply send customer data through an API or upload it to the back office. The results will be displayed in the backoffice with extensive proof of verification.

Shufti Pro's AML solution
reduces false positives by
utilising multiple AI models

Our AML solution performs individual and business screening against
global AML databases within seconds. The process identifies high-risk
entities in real-time by leveraging advanced AI technologies and human
intelligence to deliver highly accurate results

sant Sanction list screening

Sanction list screening

Screen your customers against global sanction, watchlists and adverse media databases issued by OFAC, FATF, HMT and many others

 Automated AML Monitoring

Automated AML Monitoring

Quickly fulfil AML compliance requirements through automated AML checks combined with ID verification

verification Exhaustive AML Databases

Exhaustive AML Databases

Screen against databases of 1700+ criminal watchlists, sanction lists, and PEPs lists

Ongoing Risk Monitoring

Ongoing Risk Monitoring

Maintain updated risk status of your clients with scheduled AML screening against a frequently updated database

Structured data catagories
for global AML Screening

Shufti Pro organises sanctions and PEP screening lists by region,
country and regulation


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Latin America
  • Caribbean


  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • China and + 100 more


  • European Union
  • United Nations
  • HM Treasury
  • OFAC, DFAT + more