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AML Verification & Monitoring Solution

Automated AML Verification & Screening

AML Screening helps businesses to identify clients with substantial financial risk and even helps eliminate that risk with global PEPs, Adverse Media & Sanction Screening in real-time.


With 200+ territories covered and 10,000 data sources analysed we deliver an AML data which is updated every 15 minutes.

Get Results in 5 Seconds

Comprehensive AML Dataset


OFAC issued standardised Global Sanction Lists.
All data backed by in-depth media coverage, news and reports updated every 14 minutes.


+1000 Government Criminal and Wanted Watch Lists.
Fitness & Probity and at-Risk Individuals covered by Law Enforcement.


200+ countries based global database under FATF guidelines.
PEP risk scoring on basis of connection, close relatives and media.

Shufti Pro’s AML engine works intelligently to reduce False Positives

The solution leverages Big Data, and Machine Learning. Check, assess, and accept ethical customers to build healthy business relations.

A single seamless API integration

Name & DoB
ran against data
User is Screened
Simply send data to Shufti Pro via an API or upload to our Backoffice.

Implement API driven AML system based on how it fits best to your requirements


Perform Due Diligence on investors with comprehensive ID checks parallel to AML screening within same request.

Easily assign risk statuses to a wide nature of clientele and perform diligence accordingly.

Ongoing Screening

Certain long-term business relations are of high risk due to nature of transactions and time stamps involved.

Assign these users “On-Alert” status to receive notifications for whenever a customer is added to a Watch List.

Batch Screening

Feed your existing customer list to Shufti Pro’s API and get instant results with complete details.

Easily move your legacy infrastructure to a fully automated KYC and AML solution.

We provide you a Risk Data unrivaled in its coverage and profiling.


  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe & Middle East
  • International
  • Latin America & Caribbean

Data Sources

  • OFAC SDN & Consolidated
  • UN Security Council & Consolidated
  • EU External Action Service
  • EU Restrictive Measures

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