Biometric Sign-In

Biometric Sign-In

Enroll users with

Face Recognition and ID validation.

2 Step Journey

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Enroll your Face

Dynamic Liveness Detection ensures the presence of a human face at the time of signing-up. Biometric markers extracted at this stage are stored in servers to authenticate future login attempts.

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Enroll your ID

If required, An image of an ID card can be captured by the end user in order to auto-extract information for pre-filling or simply to ensure user’s real identity for high-risk transactions or approvals.

No Hassle. No Wait.

Accept real customers in a second.

Biometric Sign in

within seconds

Verify your Face

During sign-in, system triggers an iFrame to capture a video selfie of the user’s face, and verifies existing presence within the system.

Verify your ID

Collect authentication proof of valid ID, in case of suspicious account requests including irregular time-stamps, high risk access or location.

Make Smooth and Secure Authentication

Risk based Approach

Biometric Authentication with both Facial and ID Recognition.

Cross Device Authentication

Onboard via Web and sign in using Smartphone

Omnichannel Preference

Web, Mobile Web, iOS, and Android