Biometric Consent Verification

Key benefits of consent verification

  • Authenticate legitimate customers in real-time
  • Safeguard businesses from high-risk transactions 
  • Protect against chargeback requests and friendly fraud

Shufti Pro screens consent messages within 15-60 seconds simplifying a complex verification process.

Documents required for biometric verification online

Handwritten Note

User’s selfie along with the display of a consent message (handwritten or printed note)

Predefined Template

User’s selfie along with a specific document as required by the client (company documents, employee card, etc.)

how it work

End-users provide their consent with a consent note along with their selfie

how it work step

End-users are asked to show their face to the camera holding client’s choice of document

how it work step

Shufti Pro checks for liveness, unique message or predefined document template

Note: Client decides the unique message for consent as well as the type of document to be used.

Helping you serve customers with biometric identification

Businesses require robust biometric verification services
to ensure KYC procedures are fast and convenient.

  • Identity theft causes $488 million losses in 2018
  • Chargeback requests amount to $40 billion annually

Shufti Pro’s consent management helps build a risk-based approach and prevent financial losses.

Helping you serve customers with biometric identification
Replace outdated checkbox

Replace outdated

Reduce fraudulent transactions

Reduce fraudulent

Get consent with a handwritten note

Get consent with a
handwritten note

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Systemized Solutions

Robust customer due diligence (CDD) processes with detailed KYC and AML screening services

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Global Coverage

Support for 150+ languages allowing for a worldwide reach to 230+ countries and territories

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Thorough Checks

Biometric verification procedures are overseen by human experts in combination with artificial intelligence

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