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Biometric Consent Verification

Accept good customers by collecting a verified proof of consent

A customer-centric solution from Shufti Pro that collects and verifies consent given by end-user for use of a service or at the time of buying a product.

What Can We Verify?

How a proof of consent is collected is prerogative of our customers. Shufti Pro ensures that the collected consent is 100% genuine, verified and can secure our customers.

Use Cases

E-Commerce Businesses

To prevent frequent cashback requests and fight off identity theft, e-commerce websites can ask for a proof of consent at the time of check-out from end-users. Proof might contain a handwritten note alongwith their face image and ID document. Shufti Pro will perform:

  • Face Verification
  • Document Verification
  • Handwritten Note Verification

Restricted Access

This solution comes handy for providing restricted access to a company’s resources & services. Remote users or offsite employees can be asked to show a company issued ID document alongwith their face for accessing company resources. Shufti Pro will perform

  • Facial Verification
  • Document Verification

Averting Digital Attacks

Businesses offering tech products, apps or software for public usage can also ensure that distinctive users are downloading their products. Biometric consent can include a handwritten note carrying time and date in addition to the face of end-user: Shufti Pro will perform:

  • Handwritten Note Verification
  • Facial Verification

Customised Text for Consent

Shufti Pro customers can decide a customised text to be shown by end-user declaring their consent for use of services. This statement can be displayed as a hand-written note along with their face, providing satisfactory proof of consent. In this case, Shufti Pro will perform:

  • Handwritten Note Verification
  • Facial Verification

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