Biometric Consent Verification

Consent Verification

Customer approvals with Biometric Verification

Verify your customers and their transactions in real-time with biometric consent. Now you can accurately authenticate your clients with Selfie verification along with a Unique Message on either a printed or hand.

How this helps?

  • Approve or disapprove high risk transactions in real-time
  • Remove fraudulent individuals from the system
  • Protection against chargeback request in court of law

Our system screens the content quickly making a complex verification process easy.

Types of Consent Documents for Biometric Verification Online

Handwritten Note

User’s selfie along with handwritten note displaying a consent message

Predefined Template

User’s selfie along with a specific document as required by the Client (Passport, Employee Card, Health Card or more).

How it works?

User will verify their identity with an ID card and Selfie to ensure their remote presence.

User is asked to show their face to the camera holding Client’s choice of handwritten note or a predefined template.

Shufti Pro will check liveness, unique message or predefined document template.

Client decides the unique message for consent as well as the type of document to be used.

Businesses now require a robust biometric identification platform In order to ensure that they continue to provide smooth services without facing fraudulent setbacks, or inconvenient KYC procedures.

Why use Biometric Verification Consent?

  • Identity theft causes $488 million loss in 2018
  • Chargeback requests worth $40 billion each year

Under this scenario, how sure can a business be about the efficiency of placing a “checkbox” for User to agree or disagree to terms and conditions. Shufti Pro’s Consent Management by Biometric Identification is a solution for businesses to implement explicit consent processes for a Risk Based Approach.

Replace Outdated

Reduce Fraud

Get Consent with Selfie
and Handwritten Note or
a predefined template


Thorough CDD processes with a combination of KYC and AML


Support for 150+ languages allowing for a greater worldwide reach


Biometric verification is assessed by both AI and HI measures