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Identity Verification Shufti pro

How Identity verification makes Remote Account Opening Efficient for Banks?

Banks have a lot to benefit from the remote account opening service as it allows them to bring a lot more customers onboard with lesser...
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Customer Due Diligence

How does CDD effectively help with AML Compliance?

Customer Due Diligence that is otherwise known as CDD in banking and financial vernacular is an important aspect of AML compliance. There are various international...
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South Korea want Crypto Exchanges to adopt Digital KYC and AML Compliance

South Korea is soon going to adopt regulatory measures to bring in crypto exchanges under regulatory compliance. Financial authorities like Korean Financial Intelligence Unit (KFIU)...
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GDPR-Blockchain-Shufti Pro

GDPR Compliance vs BlockChain Debate – Things you must know

GDPR Compliance is here to stay and it is going to be binding on every business and online enterprise that wishes to operate in European...
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Digital KYC for ICO

KYC Services For ICOs – Why you need to have them now?

KYC services play a vital role in conducting an ICO in more than one way. They can make the entire process transparent and can boost...
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Forext kyc aml shuftipro

KYC Services and AML Compliance Services for Forex Industry

Forex Industry stands to benefit a lot by incorporating KYC services in addition to AML Compliance solutions. A smart KYC service like Shufti Pro will...
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aml compliance fincen shufti pro

Challenges of AML Compliance under FinCEN

AML Compliance for US based Cryptocurrency companies has been tightened by Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in recent years. This tightening of regulations is mainly...
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kyc aml hong kong

How crucial is AML/CFT Compliance for Hong Kong based Businesses?

Hong Kong serves as financial hub of trade and financial industry especially due to its strategic location in APAC and Far East Region. Along with...
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Digital KYC Services US

How Real ID Act enables Digital KYC Services for US Customers?

Digital KYC Services for US based customers are in debt of Real ID Act as it streamlined the process of issuance of identity verification documents....
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id verification services

ID verification Services – Why Paper IDs are inferior to Digital Cards?

ID verification services are at the forefront of making online marketplace transparent and ensuring that each transaction made on cyberspace is authentic. The credentials used...
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ICO country restriction Shufti Pro

ICOs blocking investors from USA and China – Why and How?

Initial Coin Offerings, more commonly known as ICOs, are all the rage in modern day financial world and virtual investment arena. They provide crypto-enthusiasts a...
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identity verification shufti pro

How Identity Verification Services make Regulatory Compliance Easier?

Financial institutions and banks have ended up in a loop of dumping billions of dollars because of ever-tightening regulatory compliance especially in regards to identity...
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AML Compliance Checklist Shufti Pro

How can you prepare for AML Compliance – Ultimate AML Guidelines For Starters

Anti Money Laundering Compliance, commonly known as AML Compliance, is something that banks and financial institutions are getting very cautious about because of huge fines...
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KYC AML Compliance ICO Shufti Pro

How AML/KYC Direct Credible ICO Growth?

What if I told you, early in the days of ICOs, startups operated with little to no top level regulation! Basically, each entity with its...
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KYC with worldwide language coverage Shufti Pro

Worldwide Language Coverage from Shufti Pro helps you go Global

Language serves the purpose of communication among people of a certain locality, nation or in case of English or Spanish, a language can help people...
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Shufti Pro Fintrac

KYC/AML Compliance in light of FinTRAC

Witnessing the updated AML/CTF regime; the guidelines by FinTRAC regarding ID verification have been imminent. The new amendments in the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering)...
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Shufti Pro Verify Identity Theft

Why You Need to Verify Identity Online

5 Unusual Ways Stolen Identities Can be Used Online The need to verify identity in the digital space has arisen rapidly in the past few...
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GDPR versus Identity Verification – Are you Ready?

If you are an organisation that is based in the EU or are doing business with companies in the EU where you have either direct...
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Bitcoin ATMs – how it works and KYC compliance

Bitcoin ATMs are everything an ATM is and isn’t. The world of finance and banking has changed drastically in the past year. The surge in...
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Shufti Pro License Verification

License Verification for Online Transport Services

License Verification for Online Transport Services The world of transport services has dramatically changed in the past decade. There used to be government provided public...
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Warning Signs of ICO Scams and the Role of Identity Verification Service

If you have heard of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies then you must have heard of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs are the rave in the...
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Shufti Pro Fraud Prevention

8 Fraud Prevention Tips for a smooth business uptake in 2018

The Need for Fraud Prevention As technology has evolved over the years, the way we do business has also evolved along with it. Whether it...
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Document Verification Shufti Pro

Document Verification Services for a Secure Freelance Platform

Picture this you have recently started a freelance website you have marketed it properly and followed through on all steps to make it popular. It’s...
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Shufti Pro Document Verification

Know Your Customer Verification for Charity Organisations

They say no good deed goes unpunished, if we were to take a look at it literally the frauds that happen to legit charity organisations...
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ICOs and KYC Compliance

With the surge in digitalisation of payments and crowdfunding; the need to set proper standards for better and valid operations has lead to creation of...
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To develop a simple and easy understanding of e-KYC and the role played by Shufti Pro’s digital identity verification services in online fraud prevention, head...
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Fraud Prevention through Secure Payment Processes

Here’s a question, why do people always say things like  “the good ol days”? The fact is a number of people find that new technology...
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KYC for customer on-boarding in Telecommunications Industry

Identity Verification is quite necessary for Telecommunications Industry in today’s digital space. How? Here’s the case: Imagine this, you’re sleeping cozily in your bed on...
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Fraud Protection for Online Retail Businesses

Online Marketplace faces Chargeback issues Fraud Protection Services are an integral part of retail businesses that are constantly looking out for fraudulent customers. They have...
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Digital KYC Streamlines Customer On-boarding Process

Shufti Pro brings forth digital KYC verification services to perform identity verification processes in order to bring the customers on-board. We understand that it is...
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KYC for Financial Institutions

E-KYC for Financial Institutions   Imagine you’re the owner of a brokerage firm. You’re not exactly the Wolf of Wall Street, as you have certain...
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Shufti Pro ID Verification

Demand for KYC & ID Verification in Higher Education

I remember a friend of mine, Jack, from high school he was one of the most non-serious people I knew when it came to his...
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e-KYC Services for Libraries

Have you ever had those series of events that leave you shaking your head? That makes you believe that life is actually a Rube Goldberg...
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The Importance of Know Your Customer for Crowd Funding and ID Verification Service

In today’s world where most business and financial transactions are taking place online, the importance of knowing who exactly you’re dealing with has become essential....
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Know Your Customer with Video Proof

Know your Customer (KYC) verification with Shufti Pro, which is becoming a recognised name in the emerging field of digital identity verification, is quick, accurate...
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Enhance Time Efficiency with Shufti Pro’s KYC Solution

The Past Quick and secure e-KYC verification might not have been of importance in the days prior to this digital world as cyber security wasn’t...
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Shufti Pro Identity Theft Fraud

Social Media and Identity Theft Frauds

Imagine this: You get up in the morning and like most people; check your email. There you have an email from an old friend of...
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Fraud Prevention in Fintech Industry

The FinTech industry has really made its mark in the last couple of years. FinTechs have been providing financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies,...
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Insurance Fraud Prevention

Insurance fraud is a stark reality and many people who commit such frauds don’t realise that their actions result in higher premium rates that have...
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Fraud Prevention in Real Estate Industry

Fraud prevention tools that include 3rd-party KYC service providers are essential in the real estate industry to elaborate what we mean. Please imagine this: you’re...
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Digital ID Verification

The Current Situation Digital ID Verification is the key to securing your business in these changing times, where paper money use is reducing and there...
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Protect Your Bitcoin Business With KYC Compliance

Even with a lot of resistance to its use as a form of currency, Bitcoin and its blockchain technology have come a long way. It...
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Secure Online Gaming with Digital KYC

Here is a scenario that shows the importance of having a digital KYC system integrated with your business especially when you are dealing with money...
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Shufti Pro Travel Hotel Verify ID

Verify ID For a Secure Travel Experience

Since we are using the Internet for a great many things including shopping to online booking of flights and hotel rooms. The need for a...
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Ensure Digital Security with e-KYC Solutions

In today’s world where the distances have been reduced considerably with the advancement of technology. Such so that the systems/computers of the world are also...
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Fraud Prevention in HealthCare Industry

Fraud Prevention in Health Care Industry

Fraud is so common that there isn’t any field that does not have to face some sort of fraudulent activity. The health care industry is...
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Shufti Pro Fraud Prevention

Secure Online Merchandises with e-KYC and Digital ID Verification

Selling and purchasing online has its own advantages, both for the seller and the buyer. Online merchandisers save on overhead costs such as renting or...
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Shufti Pro - KYC for Banks

KYC solution for Banks

KYC for Banks an Essential Requirement for Online Services Did you know that Identity Theft is still one of the most occurring frauds? You would...
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