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Bitcoin ATMs – how it works and KYC compliance

Bitcoin ATMs are everything an ATM is and isn’t.       The world of finance and banking has changed drastically in the past year....
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License Verification for Online Transport Services

Increasing driver scams and stolen identities demand for effective verification processes before hirings take place. Taxi services are popping up here and there these days....
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Identity Verification Service

Warning signs of scam in ICOs

There is a distinct lack of secure identity verification service(s) usage in ICO market. The instances of elaborate ICO scams in today’s digital market can’t help...
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Fraud Prevention

8 Fraud Prevention Tips for a smooth business uptake in 2018

Fraudsters and scammers, despite fraud prevention, are using new and tricky schemes to hack merchants and e-Commerce business daily. As the digital age is pioneering,...
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Document verification Services for a Secure Freelance Platform

Document Verification for Fraudulent Sellers Document verification system is essential in digital era where online transactions are a norm. currently, there is a growing number...
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Know Your Customer Verification for Charity Organisations

Protect your charity against fraud and scams with Know Your Customer Online fraud prevention is the basic need when it comes to establishing online businesses....
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