Know Your Customer Verification for Charity Organisations
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Protect your charity against fraud and scams with Know Your Customer

Online fraud prevention is the basic need when it comes to establishing online businesses. Charity organisations hold sensitive data and valuable funds which once infiltrated by a scammer can lead to complete dispersion of finances. These setups are an easy prey for cyber scams due to the nature of financial sourcing involving a wider public and anonymous donations where it is difficult to know your customer. Fraudulent activities cost charities a monumental sum of nearly £1.3 b yearly. 371 cases of theft and false identity ascertain the need to protect the virtual database. There are certain steps a charity organisation can take to secure it’s system against fraudsters, of which the most common and significant is e-KYC.

Curbing the Frauds using Know Your Customer

In order to contain the threat of scams for charities, organisations are required to verify potential benefactors through ID checks online and medium of payment checks. Often, fraudsters use a false identity for gaining admittance to online database posing as a contributor. Once in, they set up hacking tools to access sensitive data. Charities, in order to minimize these risks, are recommended to incorporate digital KYC services within their websites or mobile applications. Shufti Pro helps the charity hosting institutions to perform secure identity verification of the donors, reducing the standard risk of fraud by up to 99%. It offers secure and real-time identification to keep a track of potential customers, performing digital Know Your Customer authentication. With reduced donor verification time (i.e. 30 to 60 seconds) and budget friendly services, the charity organisations can achieve their target without worrying about sham ‘investors’. Shufti Pro engages Artificial and Human intelligence simultaneously to aid the process, thus, serving as your strongest defense against scammers. This paves the way to a fundraiser event with successfully met goals.