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Document Verification

No More ID Fraud With Document Verification Service from Shufti Pro

Document verification suite by Shufti Pro comes in handy to conduct online checks including option to verify multiple documents, and also back side/front side of your Identity card.

Accurate ID Verification & Document Verification
  • Check for Tampered Information
  • Check for Accuracy of Format
  • Check through Crumpled/folded Edges
  • Check for Authenticity of MRZ Code
  • Check for Photoshopped Elements
  • Check for Hologram & Reflected colors

Verify anyone, anywhere at anytime

Documents We Verify

Id Card


Driving Licenses

Credit/Debit Card

Utility (For Proof of Address)

Name & Date of Birth Verification

  • Name & DoB verification(s) are performed using data mentioned on Identity document.
  • This enables AML Compliance as well as KYC, ensuring end-to-end identity verification.
  • Any effort to tamper with this vital information is easily detectable by Shufti Pro
  • Simple reporting of verification result in the form of statuses: Verified or Declined.
Name DOB Verification

Age Verification

Shufti Pro can easily verify the age of a particular individual using the Date of Birth mentioned on their official identity documents. If our customer wants to ascertain that its customer belongs to a certain age group then that service can also be provided by Shufti Pro as part of its user verification services.

  • Shufti Pro will set a range of maximum and minimum date to form an age bracket.
  • User will show their identity document by making Data of Birth section properly visible.
  • For InstantCapture, Shufti Pro will scan date of birth and will ascertain that whether end-user falls in a specific age group or not.
  • In case of Identity Verification services, Document image will only be used as proof about about a person’s age.
Age Verification
Expiry Date Verification

Document Issue &
Expiry Date Verification

Numerous businesses need to verify Issue & Expiry date of a particular document to provide services to their customers. Shufti Pro assists its customers in verifying those dates from documents like Identity cards, passports, driving licenses and debit/credit card.

  • For Instant Capture, customer will show required document with Issue & Expiry Date clearly visible. Dates are effortlessly scanned and verified.
  • For Identity Verification services, dates are entered by end user/our customer and after document is shown, Shufti Pro verifies those dates on the document.

Document Number verification

In majority countries around the globe, ID card numbers or driving license numbers are considered important identity credentials. Passport numbers are crucial for international traveling and debit/credit card numbers enable smooth transactions, in real life as well in cyberspace.

  • In case of InstantCapture, document displayed by end-user is scanned and document number is extracted from the document image.
  • For Identity Verification services, end-user/our customer manually enters document number, that is verified from identity document.
Document Verification

Gender Verification

Enterprises, banks and companies offering Gender specific services and products can also utilise services of Shufti Pro.

  • In case of InstantCapture, an image of identity document is captured and gender of end-user is extracted from the document.
  • For Identity Verification services, end-user/our customer manually fills gender field, that is verified from identity document by AI of Shufti Pro.

Nationality Verification

Using identity documents, Shufti Pro can also verify the nationality of an end-user. It enables Shufti pro customers to know the exact nationality of their users and, if need be, restrict access of services or products to residents of certain countries as well.

  • End-user will have to select a specific country from a list of countries.
  • End-user will have to show an identity document issued by that particular country as proof of their nationality.
  • Shufti Pro will identify the document, check its authenticity and provide real time results about nationality verification.
Nationality Verification