Document Verification

Document verification

Verify 3000+ ID types anywhere, anytime

Shufti Pro’s document verification enables quick and secure enrollment of customers with high accuracy and complete identity fraud protection.

Document Verification

Watch How Shufti Pro Verifies ID Documents

Enable digital solutions for better results

Digital verification

Digitize verification processes to increase productivity and reduce manual labour.

quick verification

Quick verification in under 30 seconds to control drop-off rate and optimize conversion rates.

accuracy rate

98.67% accuracy rate for strong prevention against credit card and chargeback fraud.

Balance Fraud Prevention and Customer Satisfaction

101 new data extraction features in over 150 languages for
interoperability across multiple systems and countries.

Ensure a high level of verification assurance
with detailed customer attributes:

Balance Fraud Prevention and Customer Satisfaction
document verification
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Government ID Cards

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Driving Licenses

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Credit/Debit Cards




ID Types

Customer’s online document verification in 3 simple steps

capturing id


End-user uploads or takes photo of of ID document in real-time

dat extraction


Shufti Pro extracts pre-defined information from the ID document with OCR



ID document format and information is verified and results are sent via API or back office

Accurate Information Extraction

Shufti Pro’s state of the art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts accurate information from various documents supporting 150+ languages with complex characters.

Real IDs

  • Check for accuracy of Format
  • Check for authenticity of MRZ
  • Detect crumpled / folded edges
  • Check photoshop | tampering | forgery
  • Verify hologram | rainbow print
  • Detect blurriness | exposure