Document Verification

Document verification

Verify 3000+ ID types anywhere, anytime

Shufti Pro’s document verification enables quick and secure enrollment of customers with high accuracy and complete identity fraud protection.

Document Verification

Balance Fraud Prevention and Customer Satisfaction

101 new data extraction features in over 150languages
for interoperability across multiple systems and countries.

    Ensure a high level of verification assurance with detailed customer attributes:


  • Personal Credentials (Name, Number, Disability, Blood Group, Hair Colour, Religion and more)
  • Nationality & Immigration Status (Residence Country, Place of Birth, Sponsor, Citizenship and more)
  • Identity Document Information (Tax Numbers, Health Number, Birth Certificate Number, Domiciles and more)
  • Employment & Business Registration (Employer ID, Registration Year, Permit Type, Invoice Details and more)
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Government ID Cards

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Driving Licenses

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Credit/Debit Cards




ID Types

Customer's online document verification in 4 simple steps


User displays ID document in front of webcam for scanning


Shufti Pro extracts required customer identity information using precise OCR technology


ID document analysis is performed using artificial intelligence and human intelligence


Verification details are sent to the client via API or back-office

Accurate Information Extraction

Shufti Pro’s state of the art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts accurate information from various documents supporting 150+ languages with complex characters.

Real IDs

  • Check for accuracy of Format
  • Check for authenticity of MRZ
  • Detect crumpled / folded edges
  • Check photoshop | tampering | forgery
  • Verify hologram | rainbow print
  • Detect blurriness | exposure

True Information

  • Name | surname
  • Date of birth
  • Document issue and expiry date
  • Document number
  • MRZ or bar code
  • Country of origin

Age Verification

Age Verification

With Shufti Pro's Age Verification solutions, take online safety to a new level.

Establish potent security standards for minors, as well as fraudulent users with identity verification solutions tailored to age-restricted products and services. Therefore, we have designed authentication and identification solutions for age-restricted industry.

  • Online Dating
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis
  • Gambling
Age Verification
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Nationality Verification

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As per the requirement of our clients, our verification services are capable of restricting people from a particular nationality to access specific goods, services or websites. This feature works by allowing the software to restrict all the documents originating from that particular country.

  • Crypto
  • Fund Raising
  • Account Opening

Name and DOB

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In order to verify the data sent by the end-user or client, Shufti Pro verifies the name (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name) based on the document type that is submitted. Similarly, DOB is also verified. Clients can select 'fuzzy match' for a partial match of information.

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ID Verification

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Document Verification

Document Issue,
Expiry and Number

Document Verification

Businesses must ensure that IDs presented for verification by customers are not expired. Many IDs don't have an expiry date displayed on the ID. However, the laws of certain countries determine ‘validity time’ starting from the date of issue of the document. Using computer vision technology. Shufti Pro’s can easily assess the expiry of such IDs too.

  • Peer to Peer
  • Travel & Visa
  • Permissions
Document Verification


Verifies in real-time
within 15-30 seconds

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Verifies 3000+ ID documents
supporting 150+ languages



Ensures accuracy by synergizing Human and Artificial Intelligence