Face Verification

Next Generation-
Facial Recognition

Verifying IDs is straightforward but how do you make sure that a customer is actually present at the time of verification?

  • It helps you comply with regulations
  • It helps you retain “real” customers

How it works?

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User will appear in front of webcam to capture a selfie or record a live video*

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Shufti Pro will perform biometric analysis to verify true customer presence

Biometric Analysis

It consists of wide verity checks performed

Facial Recognition Measures

  • Liveness Detection
  • Microexpressions Analysis
  • Age and Relief
  • 3D depth perception
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Detection of photoshop or Google images
  • Human face attributes analysis
facial Recognition Checks
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Verification is done in real-time

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Proof of Verification is recorded in form of a video as evidence



Verification is conducted by both Human and Artificial Intelligence

Why is Online Face Verification important ?

of internet traffic in 2018 consisted of online bots.

of Data Breaches happen
as part of phishing schemes

Seeing this, Facial Recognition plays an integral part in acting as the first line of defense between a business’ sensitive data, and fraudulent activities. Face Verification during customer onboarding reduces chances of mistakenly accepting false users to a minimum. Apart from fraud prevention, engaging online face verification solution as part of your system helps improve user experience as it is real-time and fast as opposed to manual KYC or customer identification.