Face Verification

Next generation
face verification

Integrating facial recognition has never been as simple as it’s now with Shufti Pro’s AI-based technology

Add Shufti Pro’s online face recognition to build an intuitive and swift customer experience while providing an extra layer of security

How facial recognition works

After submitting ID document, the user is asked to take a selfie.

Within 15-60 seconds, our system analyzes the photo against different checks and verifies the authenticity of the customer.

Face recognition features

Shufti Pro performs checks such as

  • Liveness detection
  • Microexpressions analysis
  • 3D depth perception
  • Anti spoofing
  • Detection of forged Images
  • Human face attributes analysis
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Verifies within 15-60

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Records video as proof of verification



Synergizing Human and
Artificial Intelligence

Why is Online Face Verification important?

of internet traffic
consists of online bots

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as part of phishing scams