Shufti Pro

Face Verification

Engage power of Facial Recognition for Credible Clientele

End user will simply perform a selfie capture or show their face in front of webcam for Facial Verification. Shufti Pro validates physical presence of an individual by applying AI based protocols.

  • 3D depth perception & Color Texture analysis
  • Prevention against Facial Spoof Attacks
  • Can easily detect photoshopped images
  • Fuzzy logic to eliminate possibility of error
  • Liveness detection to weed out scammers
  • Detects micro expression for true verification

Ensure Transparency, Enhance Credibility.


Instantaneous Identification

Provided the lighting conditions are satisfactory, Shufti Pro can easily detect the face of end-user and perform facial recognition protocols in real time.

Simple Reporting

Status of verification reported in a convenient and simple manner by Shufti Pro, empowering customers to make informed decisions regarding end-users.


Top of the Line Technology

Based on tried and trusted technologies, Facial verification leaves no room for false positives. 0% chance of a cropped image or cropped video being verified.