Shufti Pro

Face Verification

Engage power of Face Verification for Credible Clientele

End user will simply perform a selfie capture or show their face in front of webcam for Face Verification. Shufti Pro validates physical presence of an individual by applying AI based protocols.

Face Verification in Real Time
  • 3D depth perception & Color Texture analysis
  • Prevention against Facial Spoof Attacks
  • Can easily detect photoshopped images
  • Fuzzy logic to eliminate possibility of error
  • Liveness detection to weed out scammers
  • Detects micro expression for true verification

Ensure Transparency, Enhance Credibility.


Instantaneous Identification

Provided the lighting conditions are satisfactory, Shufti Pro can easily detect the face of end-user and perform facial recognition protocols in real time.

Simple Reporting

Status of verification reported in a convenient and simple manner by Shufti Pro, empowering customers to make informed decisions regarding end-users.


Top of the Line Technology

Based on tried and trusted technologies, Facial verification leaves no room for false positives. 0% chance of a cropped image or cropped video being verified.