Face Verification

Face verification in
5 seconds

with AI-based digital identity verification services

Online face verification
faster than ever before

Verification in 5 Seconds

Reduce false negatives and retain customers by ensuring genuine users get through swiftly

98.67% Accurate Results

Dial down false positives and avoid incorrect customer matches made by 2D systems

Face verification solution that provides accurate
identity verification and fraud prevention

Shufti Pro captures and analyses facial data using

3D Depth Detection

3D depth perception to capture live biometric data for accurate matching

Liveness Detection

Liveness detection functionalities for remote online authentication

Identify Deepfakes

Verification of saved photographic data using deep learning algorithms

Fast Authentication

High authentication speed and mapping techniques powered by AI

Identity Proofing

Faceprint stored in secured server for evidentiary proof without error

Customer onboarding with
no room for identity fraud

Shufti Pro’s fraud detection technology
is fully equipped to catch

3D Mask Attacks

Print & Screenshot

Photo Images

Video Replay

Eye-cut Photo

Serving global enterprise needs
for digital onboarding

Employ face recognition services to screen high-volume
customer IDs on online platforms in line with clients’ preferences

Gaming Industry

Social Media Logins

Ride Hailing

Banking and Fintech

E-commerce and Retail

Government E-services

Now verify identity & know your customer in seconds
with fastest and efficient face verification solution

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