Health care Industry

The best strategy that a lot of healthcare centers are working on is to enhance the check-in experience of the patients. It not only diminishes the comfort level of the patients but also slows down the check-in time. All the data are entered manually and the patient’s details are communicated verbally. In most of the cases the medical records are kept in hard copies. Online purchasing of prescription drugs are seen nowhere. A patient has to show up at a medical store to get the required prescriptions.

The Solution

Health care is not behind on the list of industries acquiring innovative system upgrade into their infrastructures. What matters the most is TIME in healthcare sites both for the healthcare providers and patients. In order to enhance the patient check-in time and experience, Shufti Pro Pro can play a vital role by verifying ID right there and then! Patients would not have to wait in long queues outside hospitals and clinics. Healthcare units can also reduce the labor cost by integrating Shufti Pro as it requires no manual work and saves a lot of time.

We all know that the data collection process of patients takes a lot of effort and human attention. After integrating our smart solutions into their systems, it will no longer be a hectic day for the attendants and also for the patients.

Enhances the patient experience

Shufti Pro integration will enable the staff to concentrate more on the patient rather than filling up the check-in forms and doing other documentation.

Makes a cost effective environment

The information collected would go directly into the Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) after being verified using Shufti Pro. It will reduce the labor cost and increase the efficiency of the whole check-in process.